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Alejandro Ilukewitsch: The Venezuelan who Shoots Bucharest

There are expatriates all over the place in Eastern Europe, including in Romania. Usually they come from other European countries, but there are exotics too. One of them is Alejandro Ilukewitsch, pictured above, since he is Venezuelan.

He has been living in the Romanian capital for a few years, with his Romanian wife and his cute dog. The best part, from the perspective of photography enthusiasts: Ilukewitsch shoots the most breathtaking photos, wherever he goes.

An excellent portrait. Photo: Alejandro Ilukewitsch

His portraits of “real people” he meets all over the city are simply stunning. As a photographer, he does not only have an excellent eye, and not only does he have the technical background nailed, but he manages to make people trust him, before he shoots them.

There is more. Alejandro Ilukewitsch also takes stunning photographs of Bucharest itself. We all know it is a beautiful and interesting city. He mostly chooses the run-down, ugly parts, and makes them look beautiful. That is another gift he has.

This one was shot during the protests in Bucharest, some 18 months ago. Photo by Alejandro Ilukewitsch

Ilukewitsch captures the parts which do not look shiny and European yet, but rather those which probably looked the same way decades ago, during the rule of communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu.

It gets even better: Alejandro Ilukewitsch lived in Brazil, Mexico and Germany before he moved to Romania. And what was it he did in those countries? He shot great pictures there as well.

Another stunning portrait shot. Photo: Alejandro Ilukewitsch

These are only a few examples of Alejandro Ilukewitsch’s work. They include the most fascinating Bucharest shots we have seen.

Far more of Ilukewitsch’s photos, from all the countries he has lived in so far, are waiting to be checked out on his blog page.

This hotel seems to need a lot of fruit and veggies. Photo: Alejandro Ilukewitsch
Another killer shot from Bucharest. Photo: Alejandro Ilukewitsch
The Venezuelan photographer caught this lady in Bucharest. Photo: Alejandro Ilukewitsch
Who said life was easy? Photo: Alejandro Ilukewitsch
Real people are so much more interesting than stars. Photo: Alejandro Ilukewitsch
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