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Hamburg: Photo Models Bribed with Bread Crumbs

There is a lot to be learned from those beautiful swans on the ‘Binnenalster’ lake in Hamburg, for instance about the justification of bribery in a case like this one. These birds knew what they wanted. But I had expectations as well.

At first, the models were not very motivated. By staring at the photographer the way they did, they conveyed an unambiguous message: “If you want to shoot us, go to the bakery located three blocks away and get us some bread rolls. Feed them to us in crumbs and you will get your damned photos.”

These photo models are professionals. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Their high self-esteem was already obvious. Some arrogance was noticeable as well. But what do you expect from creatures this beautiful at one of the nicest spots on the face of the Earth?

While walking over to the bakery I was thinking of getting them cake instead, part of which we would have consumed ourselves. But this was the moment for sacrifice. It was all about getting good shots.

The negotiations were tough. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

For 1.25 Euro (1.40 Dollar or 1.10 Pound Sterling), we fell for the ‘Five Bread Rolls Special’. In no time we were back at the ‘Binnenalster‘ lake, where the photo models were already waiting.

Beautiful models are expensive these days. This Alster shoot cost us 1.25 Euro. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

“Next time you want us to pose for you, deliver the bread a little faster”, they said. But then, finally, they put on their professional model look. It became obvious they had done this before when they swam towards us in several well-rehearsed formations.

This is how we got the most stunning shots of the most stunning creatures at the most stunning spot of the most stunning city. The sad part of the story: Without bribery we would not have gotten anywhere.

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