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Top 10: You Know it is Summer in Berlin when …

How do weather forecasters sleep at night? Up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit? Are they kidding us? This is supposed to be northern Europe where people wear pullovers in July. Instead, Berlin is a sauna and we are trapped in it. Jesus Christ!

You know it’s summer in Berlin when …

10. … even the Germans consider installing A/Cs and ceiling ventilators.

9. … your ice cream turns into milkshake before you lick it once.

8. … you need a shower in order to cool down right after the shower you just took.

7. … your cell phone battery, your car battery and your laptop battery just exploded simultaneously.

6. … you register a violent street protest in order to get attacked by a water cannon.

5. … the ice tea with ice cubes you just ordered is too hot.

4. … you book a vacation in Riyadh to cool down.

3. … your tires and your tooth brush just melted.

2. … you need your own nuclear power plant, for your A/C and ventilators.

1. … you can’t concentrate on shit because it is too fucking hot.