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Fall of the Berlin Wall 30: Wall Photos and Stories

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, numerous events are going on in Berlin. For those who prefer to stare at their screens, there are interesting online resources for photos. They show a different Berlin.

This week it is all about the fall of the Wall. The big anniversary celebration takes place on Saturday. Other events are going on all week. But sometimes it is good to view online exhibitions or similar resources in the quietude of our homes. These are some good examples:

Sliding Wall Photos

Berliner Morgenpost: This German-language daily has published a fascinating collection of ‘before and after’ photos the viewer can change by sliding them back and forth. It’s like time travel without the Flux Compensator. The page offers fascinating insights into Berlin, a city which could not have changed more between the Wall times and today. That page can be accessed here.

Wall Photos Galore

The Berlin Wall Foundation (‘Stiftung Berliner Mauer’) has the largest collection of Wall photos. They show how the Berlin Wall was built, how it was upgraded and what it looked like during the time it cut Berlin into two like a loaf of bread. They show West Germans looking at the other German state from observation decks set up for that purpose.

The Berlin Wall cuts through Berlin like a knife.
The Wall was ugly and wrong. Photo: Stiftung Berliner Mauer/Wolfgang Schubert

They also show the dreariness East Berlin was known for. In some areas, West Berlin looked rather grey too. They show it all. The foundation’s Wall photo page (German only) can be reached here. Once there, just click on ‘Suche’ in order to browse the historic photos they provide.

Risking Freedom

‘Risking Freedom’ is another website provided by the Berlin Wall Foundation. It is an online exhibition with photos and lots of audio files. It even has an English version. This exhibition is dedicated to those who helped GDR citizens flee to the West and to those who tried.

One of several interesting stories is that of the American soldier Erichson Yaw who took a private sightseeing trip to East Berlin in 1989, just months before the Wall fell. He spontaneously decided to help two GDR citizens flee and could have gotten into a lot of trouble for that decision. This online exhibition can be accessed here.

Wall Path and More

This publication, The Berlin Spectator, offers several articles about aspects of the Berlin Wall as well. For instance, we looked at the Berlin Wall Path.

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