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Tesla to Erect ‘Gigafactory’ in Vicinity of Berlin

The American electric car manufacturer Tesla will construct a European ‘Gigafactory’ in the area around Berlin. The company’s founder and CEO Elon Musk announced the plan during an award ceremony in the German capital.

Elon Musk, who was awarded with the ‘Golden Steering Wheel’ prize given out by the ‘Bild’ group, a number of media published by Axel Springer SE, announced plans to build a so-called Tesla ‘Gigafactory’ in Brandenburg. At the award ceremony he said the object would be erected in Grünheide, relatively close to BER Airport.

Thousands of New Jobs

Berlin’s new airport, which was supposed to be inaugurated years ago, will be opened in October of 2020, according to the latest announcements. It is located in Schönefeld, just outside Berlin’s city limits in the south. According to Musk, who was quoted in several of Axel Springer SE’s media, his company will employ 10,000 people in Germany for the factory in Brandenburg.

Referring to the scandalous construction delays at BER Airport, Musk stated the new European Tesla factory would have to be constructed at a much higher pace than the airport. Tesla intends to build several factories. Apart from the one in Grünheide, ‘Gigafactory 1’ in Reno (Nevada) is supposed to start producing in 2022. Another one is planned in Shanghai. More factories will follow later.

According to reports in Springer SE publications, these items will be manufactured in Brandenburg:

  • Batteries von Tesla vehicles
  • The Model 3 for the European market
  • A compact SUV called ‘Y’

In addition, Tesla wants to establish a center for engineering and design at its Brandenburg facility.

Production Start in Late 2021

Elon Musk’s announcement came as a surprise to many. According to the ‘Bild’ tabloid, France contacted Tesla in an attempt to convince the auto manufacturer to open its European factory there. Also four federal states within Germany, namely Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg, North-Rhine Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, wanted Tesla to invest on their turf.

Elon Musk is standing in front of a Model S.
Elon Musk’s is working on Tesla’s expansion. Photo: Maurizio Pesce

The new European ‘Gigafactory’ just outside Berlin is supposed to start production in late 2021. Brandenburg’s Chief Minister Dietmar Woidke was quoted in German-language media, saying the establishment of the factory was good news. “I am happy Elon Musk has decided to go for the business location Brandenburg”, he stated.

Tesla was founded on July 1st, 2003. Since, the company headquartered in Palo Alto (California) has successfully manufactured and sold three electric car models, Model S, Model X and Model 3, after experimenting with electric cars on the basis of the Lotus Elise roadster. Tesla started the latest electric car revolution. It took the German auto industry years to follow suit. It is happening only now.

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