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Berlin: Governing Mayor Müller Officially Opens Christmas Market

In Berlin, Governing Mayor Michael Müller opened one of the city’s large Christmas markets, at ‘Breitscheidplatz’ square, on Monday. He also commemorated the victims of an Islamist terror attack at the same market three years ago.

There are several major Christmas markets in Berlin. Governing Mayor Michael Müller came to the one at ‘Breitscheidplatz’ in the center of former West Berlin. Up to 1.5 million visitors per year show up at this market, in order to inhale the atmosphere, to drink, eat and buy Christmas presents.

Mr. Daniels and Sir Walker

This market offers it all, including bananas with chocolate coats, Christmas cake of different kinds, nut, almonds, melted Raclette cheese, Christmas cookies, Crèpes and hot wine punch (‘Glühwein’). Mr. Jack Daniels and Sir Johnny Walker were waiting for consumers too.

Traditionally, big Christmas markets open on November 25th in Germany, right after the Christian ‘Sunday of the Dead’ holiday. Vendors in dozens of little wooden stalls offer holiday presents too. Decades ago, Christmas markets looked the way they do now. Several centuries ago, the first ones were mentioned in historic documents.

Governing Mayor Müller mentioned the fall of the Berlin Wall the 30th anniversary of which was celebrated on November 9th. He said ‘Breitscheidplatz’ square and its Christmas market belonged to the “new Berlin”. He was glad far more than a million people visited this market every year.

Place of Mourning

But Müller also stated the square would always be burdened because of the terror attack on December 19th, 2016, at the same Christmas Market. Twelve visitors were murdered and fifty-six injured when an Islamist terrorist ran them over with a stolen truck. “We all know this will always be a place of mourning too”, Müller said on Monday.

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Just about a mile down the street, at ‘Nollendorfplatz’ square, Berlin’s LGBTQI Christmas market opened as well. This somewhat different event is even more colorful than traditional markets, and more modern. Traditional aspects do not have a high priority. The presents they sell here include wollen warmers for absolutely all body parts. While the music is different, the food is comparable to other markets.

Watch our video report on the opening of the ‘Breitscheidplatz’ Christmas market at the top of this page. and expect more Christmas market coverage on The Berlin Spectator.

Note: Read about all major Christmas markets in Berlin here.

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