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Berlin: The Top 10 News We Might Never Read

There are news we wish we could read, news we never wanted to read, news we never thought we would read and news we knew we would read one day in spite of hoping we would not. That day has arrived.

The undisputed truth can be bitter or enlightening. Or both. We have no choice but to face realities and unavoidable events which might be waiting around the corner. That is where the sum of all mishaps is standing in line too.

Oh yes, these are the top 10 breaking news items we might never read, even though we should have read them years ago, and those we never should have read. But it’s too late. You already opened this article.

Here we go:


Where are my gloves?


It will happen when it happens, right? Photo: Imanuel Marcus


I knew it. Photo: Imanuel Marcus


Let the professionals do the job. Original photo: Yoni S.Hamenahem


Years of fighting finally paid off. Photo: Imanuel Marcus


It had been going on since Emperor Wilhelm II. Photo: Imanuel Marcus


There is reason for hope. Photo: Imanuel Marcus


Gangsters are good at heart. All those Maseratis will be green.


Why would an embassy be in the capital? Original photo: Zeev Veez


What? Nobody has ever told Berliners what they mean by “on time”. Imanuel Marcus
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