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Germany: Rolando Villazón to Mesmerize Audiences with Monteverdi’s ‘L’Orfeo’

None other than Rolando Villazón is scheduled to hit as many as five Austrian and German stages in 2020. The opera he will be performing in is Claudio Monteverdi’s ‘L’Orfeo’.

Opera lovers in Germany have every reason to rejoice. The French-Mexican tenor Rolando Villazón will be bringing ‘L’Orfeo’ to Vienna, Berlin, Leipzig, Düsseldorf and Munich in the spring of 2020.

From Mexico City to Pittsburgh

Rolando Villazón is one of the most famous tenors of his generation. Born in Mexico City in 1972, the artist attended ‘El Colegio Alemán’, the official German school in the Satélite district of this enormous metropolis. It did not take long until he visited the ‘Academia de Artes Espacios’ in order to study acting, ballet and modern dance.

Claudio Monteverdi wrote the first opera ever. Picture: Bernardo Strozzi

Soon, Villazón became interested in operas and singing. One of the best teachers available was Arturo Nieto. After studying with him, he continued at the National Conservatory and won two Mexican singing competitions. This was when Rolando Vollazón caught the attention of promoters abroad too.

At first he headed north, to a country called The United States of America, and performed at both the San Francisco Opera and the Pittsburgh Opera. Shortly before the new millennium hit the planet, Vollazón got the second prize in Plácido Domingo’s ‘Operalia’ competition. His European debut took place in 1999 in Genoa, where he performed in ‘Manon’. Of course Villazón invaded virtually all important opera houses in Europe. The rest is history.

The First Opera Ever

For ‘L’Orfeo’, Rolando Villazón will be teaming up with L’Arpeggiata, an early music group led by Christina Pluhar. They usually focus on music of the 17th century, which they interpret by following an improvisational approach. Both Classical music instrumentalists and Jazz masters play with them all the time.

Claudio Monteverdi wrote ‘L’Orfeo’, an opera in five scenes, in 1606, on the basis of a libretto by Alessandro Striggio Junior. The premiere took place on February 24th, 1607, in Mantua. With this work of his, Monteverdi contributed a lot to the development of the opera genre. To some, ‘L’Orfeo’ is the first actual opera ever composed and performed.

Rolando Villazón’s ‘L’Orfeo’ tour in the German-speaking world is scheduled to commence on May 2nd, 2020, in Vienna, where he will take Monteverdi’s opera to the ‘Konzerthaus’. Berlin is next, on May 13th at the ‘Philharmonie’. On the 20th, the ‘Gewandhaus’ in Leipzig will be the venue to go to. It is Düsseldorf’s turn next, on May 22nd. On May 24th, they will be at Munich’s ‘Philharmonie im Gasteig’.

Wide Ticket Price Range

Tickets are available here. Prices start at 40 Euro (45 U.S. Dollars or 34 Pounds Sterling), depending on the city and venue. The most expensive tickets, for 191.80 (214 Dollars or 164 Pounds) Euro in the Category 1 area are being sold for the Munich performance.

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