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Berlin’s 10 Least Romantic Spots: Stay Away on Valentine’s Day

Lovers are supposed to be together on Valentine’s Day, holding hands, kissing and having romantic candlelight dinners. Staying away from Berlin’s 10 least romantic spots is essential because screwing up Valentine’s Day is not an option, right?

Spending quality time together is what it is all about, for lovers on Valentine’s day. Are you a lover? Better stay away from these 10 least romantic spots in Berlin on February 14th.

10: The Heat and Power Station Mitte

Valentine’s Day celebrates love and affection rather than air pollution. Stay away from this power station (cough).

9: Schönefeld Airport

Schönefeld Airport may have been the GDR’s most elegant place 50 years ago, but it is still unromantic. So you insist on becoming romantic at an airport? Wait for the new one.

8: ‘Rathausstrasse’

This particular spot at ‘Alexanderplatz’ may have been a construction site in 1972. They obviously forgot to remove those ugly fences. This is not the right place for quality time with your love either.

7: This Vending Machine

Are you kidding? You want to share a Twix chocolate bar with your love on Valentine’s Day? How unromantic. Forget it. Get an order of fries instead. And light a candle.

6: Karl Marx Strasse

‘Karl Marx Strasse’ is not exactly the Champs-Élysées. This place is about as romantic as a root canal treatment. Stay away, for heaven’s sake.

5. Hermannplatz

Hermannplatz, the center of the universe, may be full of life and a great place to go, but it is unromantic as hell. Take our word for it. Stay away on Valentine’s Day.

4. This Sign

‘Mitte’ tends to be unromantic. In ‘Schönefeld’, your romantic walk and kisses will be interrupted by aircraft noise. Better go to ‘Kreuzberg’. Besides, nothing is more romantic than a ‘Wedding’. But propose first.

3. ‘Rigaer Strasse’ no. 94

Revolutions may have been sexy in the 1970s, but those times are long gone. At ‘Rigaer Strasse’ 94, you will find the kind of neighbors, former scatters, who might throw stones or bottles at you. This place is the definition of unromantic.

2. The AfD’s Berlin HQ

No place in Berlin is less romantic than the ‘AfD’ HQ in ‘Kurfürstenstrasse’ no. 79, except for their federal HQ in ‘Schillstrasse’ no. 9. Stay the hell away.

1. The A100 City Freeway

Do not end up in unromantic traffic jams on the A100. Do not waste the time you could use to give your love a foot massage, to scratch her or his back, to show your love all the love you have. It’s all about love, right? A happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers.

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