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Berlin Considers Prohibiting Antisemitic Al-Quds March

The city state of Berlin is looking into legal ways to ban the Al-Quds March this year. Interior Senator Andreas Geisel does not want antisemitic events to take place “in our city.”

“It is my intention to prevent antisemitic events of this kind from taking place in our city”, Senator Geisel said about the Al-Quds March which has been taking place in Berlin for years. According to him, Berlin is in the process of establishing whether the protest can be banned.

Initiated by Teheran

“We are working on forbidding this kind of thing in our city”, Andreas Geisel said. We are exploiting all legal options in order to prevent events of this kind or to impose restrictions on them, so that hatred may not be sowed”, Geisel stated, according to the RBB radio and and TV network.

Andreas Geisel wants to prohibit the Al-Quds March. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

The Iran regime initiated the Al-Quds Day in 1979, 22 years after the Six-Day War Israel was forced into by its neighbors Egypt, Jordan and Syria, and during which the Jewish state took control of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights.

‘Chasing Away’ the Jews

The attackers had told Arabs in Israel they would be able to return two weeks later, once Israel was gone. But they did not reach their goal because Israel defeated them. Since 1948, all attempts by Arab states to get rid of Israel were thwarted. For decades, Iran, Palestinian terror organizations and Al-Quds March participants have vowed they would conquer Jerusalem.

The Al-Quds March says it “opposes Zionism and Israel”, but it is an event of antisemitic hatred during which participants keep on chanting Israel would be “eliminated” and that the Jews would be “chased away”. Senator Geisel, took part in a counter protest in 2019, wearing a kippah. Back then he said “this kind of hatred has no place in Berlin or in our society.” Some 1200 people took part in the March last year.

Antisemites vs. Classic Cars

In the past days, several German-language media had reported, the Classic Days, a gathering of classic car owners with their vehicles, had been cancelled because of the Al-Quds March which had been registered for May 16th, 2020. The Classic Cars organizer said he had not been able to reach an agreement with the promoter of the Al-Quds March. Both events were supposed to take place on and around ‘Kurfüstendamm’, one of Berlin’s more posh shopping streets, on the same day.

Senator Geisel at an Al-Quds counter protest in 2019. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

But according to Senator Geisel, there is no direct connection between the cancellation of the Classic Days and the Al-Quds March. He made clear Berlin would have protected the Classic Days against the antisemitic protest. Now the Jewish community in Berlin and other supporters of freedom and democracy hope the Al-Quds March will actually be banned this year.

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