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Germany Reports More than One Million Corona Infection Cases

Since the Corona crisis began in January of 2020, more than one million persons in Germany got infected with the dangerous virus. The exact number early this morning was 1,017,830.

Berlin, November 27th, 2020 (The Berlin Spectator) — On November 2nd, 2020, when the second partial lockdown began, the number of Corona infections in Germany stood at 552,060. This means it almost doubled within 26 days. On Friday morning, the number stood at 1,017,830. Some 685,000 former Corona patients are healed by now, but 15,640 persons have died from COVID-19.

Berlin vs. Rest of Germany

Within the past 24 hours, 21,933 new Corona cases were reported, according to the data provided by Johns Hopkins University. What this means is that the number of new infections is still at a very high level, in spite of the partial lockdown. Because the measure failed to bring the numbers down substantially, or at all, stricter Corona rules will kick in on December 1st.

In Corona hotspots with Seven Day Incidence Numbers higher than 200, even stricter rules are supposed to apply. On Thursday, Berlin announced its version of the Corona rules. While most Germans may gather in groups of up to ten people from Christmas to New Year’s Day, Berliners will have to do with five. In both cases, younger children do not have to be counted. The nationwide rules that apply before Christmas are stricter.

No Surprise

Berlin also extended its mask rule. In December, masks will have to be worn on all streets with many shops or many pedestrians or both. So far, there had been a list of 30 streets the mask rule applied on.

The Berlin Senate’s approach is no surprise, because of the problematic situation in the German capital. Here, the numbers only just started decreasing to some extent. Berlin has an Incidence Number of 215.6 right now. Two of its twelve districts, namely Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Spandau, are above 300. Whether the slight decrease will turn into a trend remains to be seen.

Majority Supports Restrictions

Hildburghausen county in Thuringia is Germany’s worst Corona hotspot right now. Its Seven Day Incidence Number just exceeded 600. The local authorities believe, a large wedding party triggered this serious outbreak. The conservative opposition in Thuringia is accusing the left-wing government of not having reacted quickly enough.

Most Germans support their government’s anti-Corona measures. According to the ‘Bild’ tabloid, a poll by Insa found out that 69 percent agree with the tightened contact restrictions in December. Twenty-one percent beliefe the rules are wrong. Four in five German citizens expect the anti-Corona measures to be prolonged beyond January.

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