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Berlin Senate Wishes Residents ‘Pleasant and Peaceful Christmas’

Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller and his coalition partners wished all inhabitants “a pleasant and peaceful Christmas under the banner of hope”. They thanked Berliners for the solidarity they had shown.

Berlin, December 24th, 2020 (The Berlin Spectator) — Governing Mayor Michael Müller of the center-left SPD, Commerce Senator Ramona Pop of the left-wing Greens and Culture Senator Klaus Lederer of the far-left ‘Die Linke’ sent out their Christmas message to all Berliners. Christmas was connected to the message of peace and hope, they said. It appealed to all residents, no matter what their origin was, or what religious, cultural or sexual imprint they had.

‘Glimmer of Hope’

Everyone wanted to spend next year’s Christmas days the way they always had, or at least with far less restrictions than this year. “These days, we are thankful that we see a glimmer of hope in regard to the beginning of vaccinations. It makes us confident that we will overcome the pandemic.”

Müller, Pop and Lederer also conceded the Senate had imposed oppressive restrictions on all Berliners regarding their gatherings with family members and friends during the holidays. “We, the representatives of the state government, know that many people see those rules as an imposition. Especially senior citizens and people who are lonely will experience this holiday in a dolorous way.”

‘Everyone Can Contribute’

“But we also know that the people in our city are aware of their responsibility and that everyone can contribute to protecting themselves and others by respecting the rules and acting in a considerate way.” Michael Müller, Ramona Pop and Klaus Lederer thanked Berliners for the solidarity they had shown.

“We celebrate this Christmas under the conditions of the Corona pandemic”, the Senate’s statement reads. This included remembering those who had fallen victims to COVID-19. “This Christmas, many families are mourning loved parents, siblings, children, friends or acquaintances. Many families are worrying about sick relatives. All of them have our compassion”, the Governing Mayor and his coalition partners stated.

‘Sign of Solidarity’

The Senate would do everything to curb the pandemic and save lives, the statement said. “We especially thank doctors, caretakers and all persons who are doing their best at our hospitals, ambulance services and the fire brigade even during the holidays, in order to help the sick and the seriously ill, and keep them alive.”

“In spite of the seriousness of the situation and the danger that has not been avoided yet”, Müller and the Senate wished all Berliners the opportunity to clear their heads and to relax this Christmas. “Please think of lonely people in the neighborhood and in your building. Even a phone call can be an appreciated sign of solidarity and condolence as long as visits are not possible”, the Christmas message read.

In times of crisis, Berliners had shown courage, confidence and inventiveness many times. “We wish all of you a pleasant and peaceful Christmas under the banner of hope”, the Senate’s message said.

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