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Germany Tightens Checks at Border Crossings Because of Corona Situation

Germany now has stricter rules for persons who enter the country. Their implementation started this morning.

Berlin, January 24th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) — This morning, the Federal Police started checking travelers at border crossings more thoroughly, in order to prevent infected persons from entering Germany. Especially at Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport more officers are now on duty.

Low and High Risk

Beforehand, the Foreign Ministry in Berlin had classified more countries high risk regions. There are now three lists of countries:

> ‘Normal Risk’ areas: These are countries with Seven Day Incidence Numbers above 50. This applies to most of Europe.

>>> The following applies to travelers from ‘Normal Risk’ countries who enter Germany and have not been to ‘High Risk’ areas up to ten days prior to their trip: They need to prove they are not infected with Corona within 48 hours after their arrival.

> ‘High Incidence’ areas: Countries the Incidence Numbers of which exceed 200. They include Albania, Andorra, Bolivia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Colombia, Czechia, Egypt, Estonia, Iran, Israel, Kosovo, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Panama, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and the United States.

> ‘Virus Variant’ areas: These are the countries in which new, more contagious variants of the Coronavirus have been confirmed. They are Brazil, Britain, Ireland and South Africa.

>>> The following applies to travelers who enter Germany from ‘High Incidence’ or ‘Virus Variant’ areas, or who have been in one or more of those areas up to ten days prior to their trip: They need to present a negative PCR test result in German, English or French. Those tests need to be done up to 48 hours prior to the trip. And they have to go into a 10-day quarantine and register online. The quarantine can be ended, after five days the earliest, if the individual tests negative again.

Police to Check Registration

Germany intends to keep the number of trips people take, both domestic and international ones, to a minimum. Each trip people take gives the Coronavirus more opportunity to spread, which is one reason why the rules are this strict. German border police officers were ordered to check whether incoming travelers from high risk countries registered because that way the local health authorities in charge will know who is in quarantine, how long and where. Also they will demand to see those negative Corona tests.

The number of new Corona infections in Germany, remains relatively high. As many as 12,257 cases were registered in the past 24 hours. There were 349 Corona-related deaths in the same time period. Germany’s Seven Day Incidence Number dropped slightly. It now stands at 111.1.

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