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Germany: New Corona Infection Numbers Remain High, ‘Vaccination Summit’ to Take Place

In Berlin, the Robert Koch Institute had to publish shocking numbers yet again, since as many as 17,482 persons were infected with Corona within the past 24 hours. Germany’s Incidence Number rose to 95.6.

Berlin, March 19th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) — Germany’s Corona numbers convey a clear message: The third wave is hitting the country. Just like on Thursday, the number of new Coronavirus infection cases, exceeded 17,000 on Friday. Last Friday, there were 12,834 new cases. The country’s Incidence Number jumped to 95.6 from 90 on Thursday. It looks like the Robert Koch Institute’ predictions, according to which Germany might have extremely high Corona numbers after Easter, might prove to be accurate, if things continue this way.

Six States Above 100

Yesterday, three out of sixteen federal state had Incidence Numbers higher than 100. Now there are six. They are Thuringia (186.9), Saxony (127.1), Saxony-Anhalt (110.6), Hesse (106), Bavaria (100.8) and Brandenburg (100.6). At the last Corona conference, Chancellor Merkel and the First Ministers made 100 the new critical stage at which the recent easing of some Corona restrictions needs to be retracted. This is what they called “emergency brake”. Before, the critical level was 50.

All relevant Corona numbers for Germany, and daily Corona updates, can be found in our Corona chronology.

Berlin’s Incidence is 79.6 right now. Seven out of twelve of the capital’s districts are above 100. The only decreasing number is that of hospitalized Corona patients in the German capital. It stands at 589. At Berlin’s ICU’s, 153 of them are connected to respirators. In neighboring Brandenburg, six counties have Incidences above 100, one of the, Elbe Elster county, is even above 200. Here, the numbers are already back to where they were around Christmas.

AstraZeneca Vaccinations Resume

Today, Germany wants to get its vaccination campaign back on track. On Thursday, the European Medicines Agency cleared the AstraZeneca Corona vaccine, which is why it was just reinstated in Germany. As a result, Berlin is reopening its vaccination centers at the former airports Tegel and Tempelhof. Getting up to speed is the goal, in all parts of the republic. At a “vaccination summit”, which initially was supposed to take place yesterday, the situation and its implications are supposed to be discussed. Angela Merkel and her colleagues from the states are part of it.

Ahead of those discussions, the First Minister of Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania, Manuela Schwesig, was being quoted by the ‘Welt’ daily. She said there needed to be clarity about vaccine deliveries expected in April. “We need to make headway quickly, in regard to the priority groups 1 and 2”, she stated. People aged 80 and above are part of priority group 1, 70- to 80-year-olds form the second priority group along with the personnel at kindergartens and primary schools.

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The number of voices who are demanding vaccinations at doctor’s offices, in addition to those at vaccination centers, is growing. The subject will likely be discussed today as well. The idea is that GP vaccinate their parents and decide about the priority themselves.

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