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Opinion: Disgusting Display of Hatred in Germany

All over Germany, thousands justified the terror against Israel at protests this past weekend, in a disgusting display of hatred. The main weapon terrorists and their supporters in Europe are using is not the surface-to-surface missile, but the lie.

Berlin, May 17th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) — Hundreds of years ago, Jews in Europe were accused of poising wells and bringing in the plague. These accusations were repeated over and over until people actually believed them. Later, those conspiracy theories were adjusted. Now “the Jews” are allegedly running a “terror state” which wants to murder Palestinian children and drink their blood. This seems to include German Jews who are not connected to Israel at all. Their synagogues were attacked in the past days.

No Choice

For the record: It is in Israel’s power to do to Gaza what Hamas wants to do to Israel. But it does not want to. And this is the difference. Israel is trying to save innocent people on both sides, while Hamas is killing them. The terror organization and those who are backing it, including the regime in Teheran, are responsible for all victims in this war, both in Israel and Gaza.

Israel has no choice but to stop the terror by Iran’s proxy Hamas. What else should the country do? Just wait until all Israeli Jews were murdered? Nobody seems to want to know, but the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) warn Palestinian civilians before they bombard missile launchers and other terror targets in residential areas. They call supervisors in buildings they have to blow up in defense against the terror, and tell them to evacuate them quickly beforehand. In the history of wars, which army has ever followed this approach before? You guessed it: None.

‘Terror State’

The most effective weapon Palestinian terror groups use, including the ones that are disguised as NGOs, is the lie:

> So, Israel is a terror state? Obviously, the exact opposite is the case: Since its foundation, it had to defend itself against Islamist terrorism and attacks its Arabic neighbors launched.

> So, “the settlements” are an obstacle to peace, and this is what justifies terror? The truth is that the terror was there long before those settlements even existed. And the only obstacle to peace is the fact that the Palestinian leaders refuse to recognize Israel. They would not negotiate either. And they have rejected all peace proposals since 1948, while Israel has agreed to all of them.

‘Apartheid State’

> So, Israel is an Apartheid state? Twenty percent of all Israelis are Arabs. They are soldiers, teachers, judges, workers, business owners, farmers, doctors and MPs. Besides, Jews and people of other religions from all over the world and many ethnic groups live in Israel. On the other hand, any Jew who tries to enter Gaza, a mono-cultural area ruled by a terror organization, will risk his or her life. So, which of the two situations comes closer to Apartheid? You decide.

> So, Israel is a “racist state” that will throw Arabic families out of their homes? In the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, the courts decided to return homes to their original owners. The people who lived there could not prove their claims. Israel is a nation of law. This term is unknown in terror circles.

Arab Refugees

> So, Israel has created a bad situation for the millions of Palestinian refugees who are “incarcerated” in Gaza? Wrong again. While many Arabs decided to stay in Israel when the country was attacked by its neighbors several times, including in 1967, there were 500,000 Arab refugees many of whom decided to leave Israel because the Arabic leaders told them they would get rid of Israel. After two weeks, once the Jews would be gone, they would be able to return. But Israel won all of those wars. By the way: As many as 850,000 Jewish refugees were deported from Arabic countries at the same time. So, why are there no Jewish refugee camps? Because the tiny country of Israel welcomed all of them and gave them the citizenship. On the other hand, the many Arabic nations in the region did not naturalize the Arab refugees. They preferred to continue blaming Israel for their situation.

> So, Israel blocks the borders and does not let any food or material pass into Gaza? Another lie. Countless trucks per day, loaded with food and material of all kinds, enter Gaza from Israel every day, sometimes even during Hamas’ terror attacks. Besides, the harshly criticized wall and border fence were not created to keep people out who have good intentions and want to go to work. They had to be built because of the terror we have seen all along.

Nuclear Deal

> So, Israel is an occupation force that controls Gaza? On the contrary, Israel pulled out of Gaza completely, 16 years ago. Since, Gaza has become a terror haven. Most of Judea and Samaria, also known as the West Bank, was offered to the late Jassir Arafat in the year 2000 in Camp David. He could have had East Jerusalem too, for the Palestinian state, but he rejected this peace deal as well. To the Palestinians, this is not about having a state and getting more land, but about hating Jews and “throwing them into the sea”.

This war of terror against Israel proves quite a few European politicians wrong, namely those who insist on reviving the ‘nuclear deal’ with the regime in Teheran. Through their proxy Hamas, Iran is now showing the world what it can do even without the deal. Imagine what the mullahs will do once they get billions of U.S. Dollars through oil sales.

Antisemitic Protesters

Here is a message to people in Germany who are siding with Hamas, with antisemitic protesters, with terror NGOs like Samidoun, or with BDS: You are supporting organizations that are oppressing their own people, persecuting minorities, using civilians as human shields and murdering people on both sides. You are supporting mean dictators who complain they do not have money for Corona vaccine, but spend millions on missiles and a palace for a “Palestinian President” who was elected for four years sixteen years ago, and who refuses to recognize Israel or negotiate with the country. You are even supporting the Iranian regime and the terror it is spreading in and around Israel and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Accepting terrorism as long as Jews are its targets is one of the worst forms of antisemitism. To those who actually follow the group “Palästina spricht” and join its antisemitic protests: It is high time to take a U-turn and get out of there. Chronic Jew-haters will always continue to spread their propaganda. But people who actually want to be just and peaceful should stop believing those conspiracy theories right now and speak up against the badly disguised antisemitism these self-proclaimed freedom fighters are spreading. To those who held signs saying ‘Feminists for Palestine’ or ‘LGBTIQ for Palestine’: Do you have the slightest idea what Hamas would do to you if you went to Gaza?

Palestinian State

Do the Arabs who have called themselves Palestinians since the late 1960s have the right to leave in peace and prosperity in a country of their own? By all means. The following is the unconventional truth: They will need new leaders. With Abbas and Hamas, they will not get anywhere. By the way, there is another unconventional truth: Israelis, no matter whether they are Jews or Arabs, have the right to live in peace and security as well. That is why Israel is defending itself.

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