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The Berlin Perspective: Sound the Tourism Alarm!

Berlin was a big tourist magnet, until Corona hit. But guess what: We will be back soon. Sound the alarm! Get ready! They are coming! Panic and scream!

Berlin, May 26th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) — Last weekend, the first few tourists were seen in Berlin. Never mind many of them were conspiracy theorists who wanted to take part in two protests that were forbidden by the authorities. They did use the opportunity to explore Berlin’s main sightseeing spots. In the process, they got hungry like wolves and ordered some chicken wings and fries to go. By doing so, they gave Berlin’s economy a little boost. Thanks for that.

Visits Appreciated

In June, Berlin, the place of places, will likely reopen its hotels to tourists. Splendid! People, get those sneakers ready. You will have to walk a lot when you get here. Take our word for it. And charge those camera batteries. This is the moment you waited for. Berlin may not be able to reopen its techno clubs, jazz clubs, concert halls and operas yet, but this city offers much more. Remember: This is Berlin. So, you want an overdose of culture and history? This is the place.

It is time to get the number of tourists up again, from zero to any nine-digit number. When the city was a huge chaos, in the early 1990s, we had just above 3 million tourists. By 2006, their number had doubled, and in 2019, we counted almost 14 million tourists right here, in Berlin. Then, the damned Coronavirus ended the party. We need you back! Trust us: We know tourists are good people. We Berliners may sound rude at times, but we appreciate your visits.

Lack of Normality

We do not care whether you are from Belgrade, Brisbane, Bremen, Baltimore, Buenos Aires, Bangkok or Brazzaville. We love you and want you here. You bring some normality into the city, which is something Berlin has always lacked, even before Corona hit. Your visits and interest make us proud of the city we live in. Having you here is important to many of us. Just fire up that BMW and come here! Now!

Invade our two zoos and the ‘Gardens of the World’, create stampedes on Museum Island, shop until you drop at Kurfürstendamm, seize those sightseeing boats on the Spree river, consume the entire beer supply we have, shoot those selfies at Brandenburg Gate, feel the atmosphere at former Tempelhof Airport and climb one of the three tiny hills we have, for instance the one at Victoria Park. There is a lot to experience, guys. Read my lips: B-E-R-L-I-N needs to be your travel destination.

Answers in All Languages

We will answer all of your questions, no matter whether they are intelligent or not. And we will do so in any language. Even though there is always Google Maps, we will gladly give you directions. Please come here. The place is Berlin and the time is now. We beg you. Just do not throw the packaging of your ‘Twix’ chocolate bar on the street.

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