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Germany: Digital Corona Vaccination Passport Available from Next Week

In Germany, persons who have been vaccinated against Corona will be able to get the digital Corona vaccination passport the E.U. governments recently decided to provide. It will be available in pharmacies starting on Monday. In the meantime, Brandenburg is getting rid of its Corona lockdown.

Berlin, June 9th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) — Starting on Monday, June 14th, 2021, the digital European Corona vaccination passport will be available in Germany. Persons who have already been vaccinated can get it at pharmacies all over the country, according to the Union of Federal Associations of Pharmacists. At the same time, vaccination centers and doctor’s offices will issue the vaccination certificate to all persons who are being vaccinated from now on.

‘CovPass’ App Required

Individuals who want their certificate retrospectively will have to show their WHO vaccination passport, a little yellow booklet with stickers that mark all vaccination shots its owner got. In order to have the European Corona vaccination certificate in digital form, the app CovPass is required. It would be downloadable on time for Android and Apple OS ahead of time, the Health Ministry in Berlin announced. With the app, people can scan a QR code on the actual certificate they receive. That way, their Corona vaccination will be saved in the app.

In Germany, data protection plays a far bigger role than in most other countries on the planet. It is almost a fetish. For that reason, there is no central database for vaccinations. Once the vaccination certificates are issued, the data are being deleted. The CovPass app saves the individual’s name, date of birth, the disease the vaccination was administered against, the vaccine brand that was used, the doses and vaccination dates, the country the person was vaccinated in, and the issuer of the certificate. Soon, CovPass is supposed to show whether a person had Corona and was healed. It will also include Corona tests with negative outcomes.

Brandenburg Dumps Lockdown

The European Corona vaccination certificate is supposed to make travel easy, at least within the European Union. Now that the number of new Coronavirus infections is slumping in most parts of the E.U., tourists are expected to show up at the main resorts and sightseeing spots all over the continent again.

In the meantime, Brandenburg is in the process of getting rid of its Corona lockdown because the federal state has one of the lowest Seven Day Incidences by now. It turned from a Corona hotspot to a prime example within a few weeks. More than half of all residents have received at least one Corona vaccination shot. For these reasons, Brandenburg’s Interior Minister Michel Stübgen stated it was time to chance an end to the lockdown.

Back to Normality

What this means is that most Corona restrictions in Brandenburg are supposed to be dumped, including Corona tests for persons who want to take part in outdoor events. Brandenburgers and everyone present in the state will be allowed to enter restaurants without tests. Ten people from any number of households are supposed to have the right to sit at one table. At secondary schools, masks will have to be worn indoors only, but primary schools will get rid of them altogether. And events with up to 1,000 participants will likely be allowed. The final decisions are supposed to be taken next Tuesday in Potsdam.

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