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Compulsory Mask Rule Eased in Berlin and Brandenburg

In Berlin, the Corona rules will change yet again later this week. Masks will not have to be worn anymore in many situations. Brandenburg also got rid of its contact restrictions outdoors.

Berlin, June 16th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) — Since the Corona crisis commenced, the rules were changed countless times. In most cases they were tightened. More recently, things developed the other way. Now, more Corona rules and restrictions are being lifted and eased. This applies to all federal states in Germany, including the city state of Berlin and Brandenburg province.

Nightly Alcohol Ban Disappears

Starting on Friday, new rules will apply in Berlin. Outdoors, masks will not be required anymore at many places. The compulsory mask rule will still apply in crowds, for instance in front of shops and in waiting lines. At protests as well as in buses and trains wearing masks will remain necessary. Governing Mayor Michael Müller said Berlin’s public transport would fill up in the coming weeks because more and more residents were returning to their offices. According to him, tourists are expected to come to Berlin again, after months of lockdowns.

Even more rules will be eased: Serving or selling alcoholic beverages will be legal again 24/7, starting on Friday. Berlin will also allow outdoor dance events with up to 250 participants as long as all of them have negative Corona tests. Regular open air events may take place with up to 1,000 people. The limit for indoor events is 250 people, but they also need Corona tests. Berlin’s contact restrictions will not change, for now. This means up to ten people from up to five households may gather.

Zoo Visits Without Masks

Amusement parks may reopen, and funfairs can take place again. Public indoor swimming pools and saunas are supposed to reopen as well. Outdoor sports activities in groups are an option again too, as long as people keep their distance. The outdoor parts of both zoos Berlin has may be visited without masks. At the hairdresser, no Corona tests will be required, as long as masks are being worn. According to Governing Mayor Müller, more rules will be eased if the infection numbers keep on decreasing.

Brandenburg went even further than Berlin. From today, contact restrictions in public areas do not apply anymore. The compulsory mask rule outdoors was thrown overboard. In public transport and in shops, masks still need to be worn. This generally applies indoors, unless people sit down and keep their distance at the same time. The government in Potsdam also decided to end the mask rule at primary schools. In counties with Seven Day Incidences below 20, Corona tests are not required anymore in most situations.

Woidke Wants ‘Unburdened Summer’

Keeping one’s distance is still required in Brandenburg. Corona tests are required for visitors at nursing homes and hospitals, for some kinds of sports activities as well as in Brandenburg’s clubs and discotheques, which may reopen as well. Hotels may give rooms to tourists if they show fresh and negative Corona tests. Brandenburg’s First Minister Dietmar Woidke said these reopening steps had been preponed because of the falling Corona infection numbers. “We are looking forward to an unburdened summer”, he stated.

All relevant Corona numbers for Germany, and daily Corona updates, can be found in our Corona chronology.

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