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Berlin: Amended Corona Rules Take Effect Today

Starting today, private events may be joined by more people. The same applies to public ones. Shops do not have to collect their customers’ contact data anymore. And the mask rules change.

Berlin, July 3rd, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) — In Berlin, many rules have not been as ‘normal’ as they became today since last summer. Several changes to the city state’s ‘Infection Protection Regulation’, the German word for which contains as many as 26 letters (‘Infektionsschutzverordnung’), are being put in place today. For instance, private events outdoors may now be bigger. Up to 100 persons may take part.

The contact restrictions that had limited gatherings outdoors to up to ten people from up to five households do not apply anymore. The latter rule now applies indoors.

Whole New Experience

Public outdoor events may now include up to 2,000 people. When more than 500 persons join an event, the participants need negative Corona test results, unless they were vaccinated or cured from Corona up to 6 months ago. This new rule makes relatively large open air concerts and festivals viable again. Indoors, the number of participants at public events is limited to 500.

Shopping will be a whole new experience as well. When they enter malls or stores, shoppers will not have to leave their contact data anymore. This makes things far less complicated. The same applies at libraries, museums and memorials.

Medical Masks at Dance Schools

Starting today, Berlin’s universities may reopen for the public. They had been closed for a very long time. Lectures took place online all along. Only labs and libraries could be used under certain conditions. Far more normality is back now. This also means universities can go ahead and organize summer school events.

On top of it all, the compulsory mask rule is changing today. Medical masks will now suffice at dance schools, fitness studios, community colleges and music schools. Until yesterday, FFP2 standard masks had been required. But in retail businesses and public transport, FFP2 masks are still mandatory.

Incidence Below 5

In the past weeks, countless Corona rules were eased in Berlin. The nightly lockdowns were dumped and non-essential shops reopened. So were restaurants, on May 21st. At first, masks had been required at outdoor tables while indoor tables were off limits. Now masks need to be worn at indoor tables only. The day before yesterday, even cinemas reopened.

Germany’s Seven Day Incidence just dropped down below 5, for the first time this year. Berlin stands at 5.0.

All relevant Corona numbers for Germany, and daily Corona updates, can be found in our Corona chronology.

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