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Berlin: New Corona Rules Apply from Today

Starting today, only vaccinated, cured or tested individuals may take part in events of most kinds in Berlin. Life just became more complicated for unvaccinated residents and tourists.

Berlin, August 20th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) — In Berlin, the infection numbers are on the rise for the fourth time since the Coronavirus reached Europe in early 2020. This time, the number of Corona patients at the German capital’s hospitals is not nearly as high as it was during the first three waves. But the situation is problematic. Berlin’s Seven Day Incidence stands at 69.7 today. On July 6th, some six weeks ago, it had stood at 4.9. Neukölln, one of Berlin’s twelve districts, is among Germany’s Corona hotspots, with an Incidence of 104.9.

Vaccinated, Cured or Tested

The Berlin Senate adjusted the Corona rules to the situation, and it adopted the decisions that were taken at Chancellor Angela Merkel’s latest Corona conference ten days ago. Unvaccinated persons will have to get tested more often if they want to take part in public life. Besides, they will have to pay for those tests themselves from October 12th, 2021. The federal government and Germany’s twelve federal states will stop paying, also because everyone above 12 years of age can get vaccinated by now.

From today, persons who want to take part in indoor events in Berlin need to be fully vaccinated, cured from Corona or they will need a negative Corona test. Official rapid tests are valid for 24 hours, PCR tests for 48 hours. This detail is new as well. For indoor gatherings with more than 50 participants, the same rule applies. It also does for individuals who visit hospitals or who make use of “proximate services” at hairdressing salons, massage practices or similar places.

Tests Every Three Days

The rules for outdoor events were tightened too. If more than 100 persons take part and if the usual distance of 5 feet cannot be kept, participants need to be vaccinated, cured or tested. At smaller outdoor events, masks are mandatory unless everyone is vaccinated, cured or tested.

Another new rule affects tourists and other persons who stay at hotels or similar establishments in the city state of Berlin. They need to be fully vaccinated, recently cured from COVID-19 or show a negative Corona test when they arrive and every three days for the duration of their stay. Being a tourist in Berlin will be more complicated from now on, but also safer.

Masks until September 5th

On top of it all, the regulations at schools just became stricter. Berlin’s 330,000 schoolkids will have to wear masks until September 5th, 2021, or until further notice. Originally, the masks were supposed to fall two weeks after the first day of school after the summer vacations, which would have been right now.

All relevant Corona numbers for Germany, and daily Corona updates, can be found in our Corona chronology.

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