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The Top 10 Things that Can Happen to You in Bavaria, if You Are Not Careful

Bavaria is a very special spot. There are more castles than in Disneyland, more cows on pastures than in Wisconsin and the food is almost as delicious as in France. But watch it. This is what can happen to you down there.

Berlin, October 23rd, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) — So, you want to see the most beautiful spots in Germany? Go to Bavaria. You intend to find some nice mountains? Bavaria is your place. If you feel a strong desire for beer, go there. But do not say we did not tell you to be careful. These are ‘The Top 10 Things than Can Happen to You in Bavaria if You Are Not Careful’.

10. New Admirers

These two girls really liked the photographer. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

If you don’t watch it, you will have new adorers in no time. Down there, in Bavaria, they come in pairs.

9. Missing City

Where is Munich? Photo: Imanuel Marcus

They say they have a great capital and they put up a million signs with its name, but you won’t find it anywhere.

8. Tourist Stampedes

At Herreninsel, they let tourists move around freely. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

One species is spreading in an uncontrolled way, namely the tourist. Just make sure you don’t end up under their hooves.

7. Nice Décor

The set almost looks real. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Next door, in Austria’s Grossgmain (original spelling: Großgmain), they want to make you believe the scenery you see, when you stare out your hotel window, is real.

6. Ticks Galore

Beware of nice-looking flowers In the Bavarian mountains. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

And then they make you interact with ticks in the middle of nowhere.

5. Locked Up

Our reporter was on his way to a beauty contest when he was suddenly locked up in a cage. Photo: A.M..

In Nuremberg, The Berlin Spectator’s reporter wanted to shoot some pictures in the rain. Before he could hit the damned release button, he was put behind bars.

4. Photo Ops

How many photos can a person shoot? Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Those Bavarians will make you use several film rolls per day at the exaggerated number of beautiful spots they have.

3. Fairytale Castles

Do those Bavarian ever run out of tourist magnets? Photo: Imanuel Marcus

As if you had not walked more than enough already, they convince you to climb yet another hill. This is what they will show you up there.

2. Secret Destination

At Königsee, tourists do not have the faintest clue where they are being taken. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

They will lure you into taking a boat trip, but nobody ever tells you where in the hell you are going.

1. Calorie Bombs

Make sure you stay away from scales. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Forget your bikini body. Once you sit at the table at what the Bavarians call ‘Gasthof’, they will fatten you until you look like the animal you just consumed a slice of.

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