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Berlin’s Most Stylish Christmas Market

On Monday, several Christmas markets opened in Berlin. The most stylish one can be found at Red City Hall. It has its own ice rink, a giant wheel and almost everything a proper Christmas market needs.

Berlin, November 23rd, 2021. Update: 8:48 a.m. CET (The Berlin Spectator) — In spite of the alarming Corona infection numbers, Berlin opened several of its major Christmas markets on Monday. In Saxony and Bavaria, the Corona situation is even worse than in Berlin which is why all Christmas markets there were cancelled. Brandenburg’s government intends to take the same step. But, at least for now, the Berlin Senate has not ordered a closure of the German capital’s Christmas markets.

This Christmas market has the perfect location, in the middle of it all. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

A Lot More

On Monday at noon, one of the nicest ones opened for the first time this season. Two hours later, hundreds of Berliners already populated it. The first Glühwein (hot wine punch) was consumed. So were all kinds of treats, including candied apples, roasted almonds, steak sandwiches and fried dough balls which the Germans call ‘Quarkbällchen’. But, this particular Christmas market offers a lot more than just standard treats.

Candied apples look even better than they taste. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Christmas tree decoration is being offered here. So are all kinds of Christmas presents, including calendars and large prints of photos showing abandoned places. They include some that are nearby, in Brandenburg. All items are being sold in wooden stalls which were set up around Neptune Fountain. If there was snow, the whole thing would look even nicer.

Christmas decoration and potential presents are being offered. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Good Experience

Not too many Christmas markets in Germany or the world have a giant wheel. This one does, meaning visitors who have the courage to board one of those gondolas can see all those lights, colors and people from above. They will also see Alexanderplatz square, the TV tower and Red City Hall. No view is more Berlinish than the one from up there. From the giant wheel, visitors will also notice the other extra this market features, namely the ice rink.

This Christmas market has its own ice rink. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Over here, ice skating looks like a lot of fun. People of all ages go for spins here. The rink circles the fountain. Majestic classical music, motion picture soundtracks and a nice light show make hitting the ice at this Christmas market a good experience. Just watching the people on the ice is nice too.

A Christmas market with a giant wheel? Exactly. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Access for Everyone

Yes, the Corona infection numbers are exploding. That is why it is unclear whether Berlin’s Christmas markets, including this one, will have to close soon. It might depend on how the situation keeps on developing. In the past two days, Berlin’s Seven Day Incidence decreased a little, this morning it rose again. At the Christmas market at Gendarmenmarkt, ‘2G’ rules apply, meaning visitors have to be vaccinated or cured. But everyone can visit the market at Red City Hall. On Monday, security guards at the entrances just made sure people wore masks. The Senate could tighten the rules at any moment though.

One thing is certain: Nobody will starve at this Christmas market. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

There is another special aspect about Berlin’s most stylish Christmas market: While the other ones close just before Christmas, this one lasts until January 2nd, 2022, if it is not shut down before, because of the fourth Corona wave. A decision of this kind would definitely be justified. At the same time, it would be disappointing to many Berliners and the vendors. Last year, all Christmas markets ended just after they had opened because the number of contacts people had was supposed to be reduced.

A Christmas market without ‘Glühwein’ would not really be a Christmas market. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Visiting the Christmas market at Red City Hall is recommended because this spot is nice indeed. At the same time, it is not recommended because of the alarming Corona situation.

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