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Berlin: New Corona Rules Take Effect

From today, new Corona restrictions apply in Berlin. The city state’s vaccination centers just applied a change too, because there is a lack of Biontech/Pfizer vaccine.

Berlin, November 27th, 2021. Update: 12:06 p.m. (The Berlin Spectator) — In Berlin, tightened Corona rules were put in place earlier this week. Starting today, they take effect. With these new restrictions, the Berlin Senate is reacting to the increasing Corona infection numbers.

‘2G’ Rules

At the following locations: ‘2G’ rules apply. ‘2G’ means that only fully vaccinated individuals and persons who recovered from COVID-19 twenty-eight days to six months ago have access.

  • In most shops (exceptions: supermarkets, pharmacies, drug stores)
  • At pubs
  • In hotels and holiday apartments
  • In fitness studios
  • At driving schools
  • At music and dance schools
  • At Christmas markets
  • At public swimming pools
  • At stadiums (from December 1st)

‘2G Plus’ Rules

At the following locations, ‘2G Plus’ rules apply. ‘2G Plus’ means that only vaccinated and cured persons may enter, and that they have to adhere to additional rules when they do. In these cases, masks are required.

  • At restaurants (masks may be taken off at the table)
  • At the hairdresser
  • At galleries
  • At museums
  • At theaters
  • At cinemas
  • At music venues
  • At beauty parlors
  • In brothels and similar locations
  • At gyms
  • At dance clubs and similar establishments (Corona tests required)

‘3G’ Rules

Since Wednesday, ‘3G’ rules apply in all of Germany. This means persons who are not vaccinated or cured need fresh Corona tests.

  • At offices and work places
  • In public transport

Stadiums and clubs may only give access to people until they reach 50 percent of their capacity. Contact data need to be left at many locations. At prayer services, only the mandatory mask rule applies. Individuals who visit people at hospitals need fresh Corona tests with negative results, no matter how many times they were vaccinated. Schoolkids need to be tested three times per week.

Corona Vaccinations

At Berlin’s vaccination centers, Moderna vaccine will be used as much as possible, according to the Senate Health Department. Because Germany’s Permanent Vaccination Commission does not recommend this brand for persons under 30 years of age or pregnant women, they will be vaccinated with the Biontech/Pfizer product. The new measures were announced because there is not enough Biontech vaccine for everyone right now. Persons who got Biotech in their first vaccination shot, will receive their second shot with the same vaccine.

Berlin’s mobile vaccination teams will be using Moderna only from now on and until further notice. Persons who already have an appointment for a vaccination with Biontech (first shot) will receive Moderna instead. In a press statement, the Health Administration stressed Modern was just as safe as Biontech and possibly even more effective in regard to preventing breakthrough infections.

All relevant Corona numbers for Germany, and daily Corona updates, can be found in our Corona chronology.

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