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Berlin: The Christmas Market in the Western City Center

One of Berlin’s main Christmas markets can be found at Breitscheidplatz, the square right next to Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. This one offers it all.

Berlin, November 29th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) — Yes, it is nice when the jingle bells jingle all the way, and it definitely is a lot of fun to ride on a one-horse open sleigh. For modern-day Berliners who neither have jingle bells nor horses, and whose sleighs do not work too well due to a lack of snow, Christmas markets are a good substitute. One of the more interesting ones is located in Berlin’s Charlottenburg borough, at Breitscheidplatz.

This Christmas market was set up at an interesting spot. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Hungarian Chimney Cake

This Christmas market was set up at a great spot, in the center of the universe, between Kurfürstendamm, former West Berlin’s main shopping avenue, and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, which was badly damaged during bombing raids in 1943. The tower still strands today. It is an impressive anti-war memorial, also because its visible damage gives people an idea of what Nazi Germany’s WWII was like. This monument makes history real, so to speak. The peaceful atmosphere of the Christmas market around the tower creates a contrast here.

The season just commenced in Charlottenburg. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Scarfs, winter hats or Christmas tree decoration, anyone? No? How about Hungarian chimney cake? This is just a fraction of the things they offer in those wooden stalls set up at Breitscheidplatz square. Sure, they have all the ‘Glühwein’ (hot wine punch) anyone could want, in both red and white. More demanding individuals can pick ‘Glüh-Gin’ instead (hot Gin punch). These are the kinds of beverages that will warm up people from the inside on a cold fall evening. So, you feel like a chicken in the freezer? Consume some hot wine punch.

The Berlin Hand Bread they offer does look yummy indeed. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Swiss Raclette Cheese

There is a lot more. They sell French premium salami, candles made of beeswax, and blossom honey. If you still have not found what you want or need, you might like the nutcrackers they sell, the nice cups, fancy chocolate, candied applies or the roasted almonds, or all of the above. Here is what you need: ‘Dresdner Stollen’, the most delicious kind of Christstollen, which is this German Christmas cake with raisins absolutely everyone loves.

In one part of Kaiser Wilhelm Church, they pray. In the other, they offer Corona tests. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

If this does not impress you, Mexican Churros might. They are sweet, fried dough sticks with lots of calories. So, those are too sweet? In this case, French Crêpes with Nutella might be the right alternative. If treats of this kind do not feel right, you might want to try expensive smart phone hulls made of leather, ethereal oils, wooden salad bowls, purses and wallets, belts and watches. It is all there. Take our word for it. Oh! So, you have become hungry after all? Have some roast chestnuts, some tasty Swiss Raclette cheese with ham and pineapple. On top of it all, there is cotton candy and ‘Berlin Hand Bread’ which looks like the Hungarian chimney cake at the other stand.

One of Berlin’s nicest Christmas markets is located at Breitscheidplatz. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Terror Victims Commemorated

On December 19th, 2016, an Islamist terror attack took place at this Christmas market, when Anis Amri steered a huge truck into the crowds after murdering its driver. Twelve visitors were killed, 67 were injured. Since it happened, five years ago, the victims have been commemorated on the steps at Kaiser Wilhelm Church. After the attack, Berlin took measures. Anti-terror bollards were set up to make sure it does not happen again. The problem is that other dangers still exist, meaning trucks are not the only weapons Islamist terrorists use. Besides, these bollards at the square do not protect other spots in Berlin.

The victims of the 2016 terror attack are being commemorated at the Christmas market. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Contrary to all announcements about Corona rules, this Christmas market in Charlottenburg was accessible to everyone on Sunday. A sign said masks needed to be worn and distance had to be kept. Security guards at the entrances made sure everyone who entered adhered to the mask rule.

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