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Germany: Government to Tighten Corona Rules for Restaurants, Shorten Quarantine

At their Corona conference, Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach and the governors from Germany’s federal states intend to apply changes to the Corona rules today. Especially in Berlin, the infection numbers are rising rapidly.

Berlin, January 7th, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — At its first Corona conference of the year, the government intends to change the rules again. This is about adapting to the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus which is far more contagious. On the other hand the time infected persons can pass on this mutation to others is shorter, compared to the Delta variant. This finding will likely have implications for the duration of quarantines contact persons have to go into.

Dominating Mutant

According to the Robert Koch Institute (read separate feature ‘Germany’s Robert Koch Institute: More than Just the Republic’s Corona HQ’), 51,472 Omicron infections have been confirmed in Germany so far. The actual number could be a lot higher. Soon, Omicron will probably be the dominating Corona mutant, according to virologists and other experts. Two years into the pandemic, Omicron is yet another challenge Germany is trying to deal with.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is convinced tightened contact restrictions in restaurants are needed. On RTL television he said it was necessary to make sure only persons who were vaccinated twice and tested for Corona were allowed to enter restaurants. According to his plans, which are part of a draft resolution for today’s online meeting, only individuals who got a booster vaccination as well will be allowed to enter restaurants without tests.

‘Problem Area’

In the interview, Lauterbach said the gastronomy business was a problem area. People spent hours in restaurants without wearing masks and infected each other, he stated. This was why an improved protection was needed. The consequence was to apply the ‘2G Plus’ rule. This means people who enter need to be vaccinated twice and tested. Persons who recently recovered from COVID-19 and have a fresh Corona test with a negative result are covered too. Of course, the German Hotel & Catering Association disagrees.

Another measure Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the other participants of today’s Corona conference intend to discuss is a shortening of quarantines for individuals who have been in contact with infected persons but do not show symptoms. At this stage, the duration is 14 days. Because the period during which Omicron is contagious seems to be shorter, in comparison with Delta, these kinds of quarantines are supposed to be shortened to 10 days. Another reason for this change is the need to keep the critical infrastructure up and running. The government fears severe problems if too many police officers, fire fighters and technicians who work for electricity, water or Internet suppliers are in quarantine.

Serious Situation

Germany’s Seven Day Incidence just surpassed the 300 mark again. It stands at 303.4. As many as 56,335 new Corona infections were registered since yesterday. Berlin’s Incidence just jumped to 511.5 from 416.9. The infection situation in the German capital is obviously serious.

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