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Berlin: Changes to the Corona Rules Apply from Today

In the city state of Berlin, the Senate has decided to revise some Corona regulations. Starting today, things will be easier for persons who were just vaccinated, or who just recovered from a Corona infection, when they visit restaurants.

Berlin, February 5th, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — Remember restaurants, those places where people sit down at tables and receive the meals they order? Yes, they consume them on site. Going there now is less complicated for some Berliners. First of all, guests do not have to leave their contact data anymore, effective immediately. Neither do they have to fill out contact forms, nor are they forced to use the Luca app. It will be discontinued in the German capital.

Salad and Schnitzel

According to Berlin’s Health Senator Ulrike Grote, registering at restaurants or events is not necessary anymore, also because the local health authorities only trace back contacts infected individuals had if vulnerable persons are involved. So, why register all contact data if nobody uses them?

For people who got vaccinated up to three months prior to their restaurant visit, and those who recovered from COVID-19 within the same time period, going to restaurants is even easier now, no matter if they order the vegan coleslaw salad or the pork Schnitzel. They will be treated like individuals with booster shots, meaning they do not need to show Corona test results. Restaurant owners are required to check everyone’s vaccination certificates. For them, things just got a little more complicated.

Good Enough

There are more minor changes to Berlin’s Corona rules. People who visit hairdressers or similar businesses that offer “proximate services” will not need Corona tests anymore as long as they were vaccinated recently. Individuals who just recovered from COVID-19 do not need them either. The owners of those businesses can now decide whether they generally want to require masks or tests. If they pick the latter, the change mentioned in the second sentence of this paragraph applies.

There is more: Antigen rapid tests are now good enough when persons who have been in quarantine for seven days do not have symptoms anymore and want to get out of there before the regular ten-day period is over. The same kind of tests can be use to prove Corona infections to employers. But, persons who deal with vulnerable groups still need PCR tests.

Infection Numbers

Other than that, the Corona rules that were put in place in late December and mid-January still apply. They include contact restrictions and the ‘2G’ rule in non-essential shops, meaning only vaccinated individuals and persons who just recovered may go there. The Berlin Senate believes this is not the time for easing more Corona regulations because of the extremely high infection numbers.

Berlin’s Seven Day Incidence decreased a tiny bit since yesterday. Today’s level is 1,780.7. For one of the capital’s districts, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, the Incidence reported today is more than twice as high. At 3,631.3, this borough is one of Germany’s Corona hotspots. It was just overtaken by Fürstenfeldbruck in Bavaria, where the Seven Day Incidence just reached 3,720.4.

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