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Berlin: Eased Corona Rules Apply From Today

In what is supposed to be the return to some kind of normality, Berlin’s Corona rules are being eased in several steps. The first one is being taken today.

Berlin, February 18th, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — For many weeks, unvaccinated persons were excluded from parts of Berlin’s public life. For instance, they were not allowed to enter shops, except for supermarkets, pharmacies and drug stores. This ends right now. As long as they are not infected with the Coronavirus, they may now enter any shop, store, mall, mini mart or mega mart they want, but they do need to wear FFP2 standard masks, like everyone else.

More Rights for the Unvaccinated

Their exclusion in shops had two reasons: First of all, persons who were not immunized against Corona were supposed to be kept away from everyone else as much as possible, for their own safety and that of others. The second purpose was to pressure them into getting vaccinated. Now, starting today, they have far more rights again. They may shop until they drop.

The ‘2G rule’ (2G is an abbreviation that works in German only and stands for ‘vaccinated or recovered’) was not only dumped at shops, but also at Berlin’s two zoos. Starting today, being vaccinated or having recovered from COVID-19 is not required anymore for those who want to enter them. Even the FFP2 mask rule for the zoos’ outdoor areas was sacked.

Libraries Change into ‘3G’ Mode

Berlin’s many museums and galleries, the Botanical Garden and all memorials will let people enter without vaccination certificates or proof of recovery as well, but they need to wear FFP2 masks in all indoor areas. In libraries, the ‘2G rule’ was replaced by the ‘3G rule’, meaning those who were not vaccinated against Corona and did not recover from COVID-19 do need negative Corona test results.

Tourists in Berlin will be facing less strict regulations too. For sightseeing buses and boats, the ‘2G rule’ was thrown into the Spree river. Instead, ‘3G’ applies (‘vaccinated, recovered or tested), along with the mandatory FFP2 mask rule, just like in the city’s regular public transport. Soon, on March 4th, the next opening step will be taken. Berlin’s clubs are getting ready to reopen.

Right Timing or Not?

Berlin’s Seven Day Incidence just dropped below 1,000 for the first time in weeks. But the daily number of new Corona infections is still very high. Not everyone is convinced this is the right time for lifting restrictions.

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