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Berlin: These New Corona Regulations Apply from March 4th

On Friday, Berlin will have new Corona rules. For most people, there will not be contact restrictions anymore. Clubs and discotheques will be back in business. The unvaccinated will be welcomed at restaurants, under one condition.

Berlin, March 2nd, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — Berlin is taking a big step towards normality on Friday. In regard to the contact restrictions, the city state was more careful than others. According to a decision that was taken by Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the First Ministers on February 16th, they were supposed to be eased about three weeks ago. In Berlin, it will happen this Friday.

Restaurants and Beauty Parlors

On March 4th, 2022, all contact restrictions will be lifted, with one exception. People will have the right to gather with as many persons as they want to. But when one or more unvaccinated individuals are part of it, individuals from one household may only be with up to two persons from up to one more household. As long as everyone is vaccinated or recently recovered from COVID-19, there is no limit. Children under 14 years of age may be part of any gatherings even if they are not vaccinated.

Everyone will have access to restaurants, pubs, cafés and hotels again. Unvaccinated persons need a fresh Corona test from the same day with a negative result. This is what Germans call the ‘3G’ rule. It will also apply to hairdressers, beauty parlors, massage practices, adult education centers and driving schools.

‘2G Plus’ at Big Events

At outdoor events, including those that take place at stadiums, the maximum number of participants will be increased to 75 percent of the venue’s capacity or 25,000 people. In this case, the ‘2G Plus rule’ applies, meaning people need to be vaccinated or recovered, but still have to wear masks and show new and negative Corona tests. Those who got a booster shot as well do not need a test result. For indoor events, venues will be allowed to fill up to 60 percent of their capacity, but 6,000 people is the limit.

Berlin’s parties are back too. Clubs and discotheques will have the right to reopen. Dancing there will be allowed again, starting on Friday. But ‘2G Plus’ rules apply here, meaning people need to be vaccinated. Those who recently recovered from COVID-19 have access too. All visitors, including those with booster vaccinations, need new and negative Corona tests.

Comment on Park Parties

The following is a comment by our editor Imanuel Marcus:
Dear Berlin party folks, now that the dance clubs are reopening, you have what you wanted. For many months, including when the Corona situation was even more dangerous and alarming than it is right now, you have demanded this step. We are all glad the moment has arrived.
But, since the clubs are back in business, please do not stage parties at parks anymore. During the past two warm seasons, many of you have messed up Hasenheide and other large parks in the city over and over, by using bushes as bathrooms and by throwing your trash all over the place. Some of you have attacked the police when they came to send you away. On top of it all, the noise you have caused all night long has kept thousands of Berliners awake on countless occasions.
This is not about sitting around a fire with a few people one of whom plays a guitar, but about inconsiderate behavior, trash and noise. Stop it! Thank you.

On March 20th, most remaining Corona restrictions are supposed be eased if the infection numbers decrease as they are expected to. Wearing masks and keeping one’s distance will still be important, especially in crowds.

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