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Berlin: The Ukrainian Refugee who Came to Become a Volunteer

Victoria is 21 years old. The English teacher from Kiev took an unconventional route when she fled from the Russian war against Ukraine. Once she arrived in Berlin, she started helping her compatriots.

Berlin, March 12th, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — Berlin’s Central Station is a huge building. In its basement, thousands of Ukrainian refugees receive food, beverages, train tickets and clothing. Here, they can get information, Corona vaccinations and accommodations too. On Saturday, a young lady was sitting at one of the many tables set up there, between many others, consuming a sandwich. Victoria from Kiev (watch interview with her in video above) is a war refugee, one of tens of thousands in Germany.

Perfect Helper

One day after her arrival in Berlin on Friday she became a volunteer, meaning she is helping other Ukrainians who have questions, who do not know what to expect in Germany, who do not speak as many languages or who have issues that need to be resolved. With her four languages, Ukrainian, Russian, German and English, her quick wit and strong will Victoria is the perfect helper.

Not too many Ukrainians fled via Russia, the country that attacked them. This is exactly what Victoria did. She wanted to be with a loved one there. After her four-day train trip to Berlin she was told the Russian police had come to the apartment where she had stayed. Questions were asked about her. Victoria believes this may be connected to statements about the Russian regime she posted on social media.

Classes for Kids

Like so many other Ukrainian war refugees, she still has relatives in Ukraine. Her parents fled to the western part of the country, which is not being attacked, at least not yet. But Victoria is hoping to welcome them here very soon, maybe within a week. At this stage, she lives with a Germans in Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg, who offered to accommodate her.

Victoria, the refugee who became a volunteer shortly after her long trip that was quite an ordeal, wants to help more. She told The Berlin Spectator many refugee children who had come did not speak any languages. She wants to give them English classes. “I can handle it”, she said. In fact, Victoria seems to be the kind of person who can handle anything.

Determined and Intelligent

She is not optimistic about the future. Why would she be? She does not think Russia’s President Putin has his head on straight. Of course, she is not alone with this assessment either. These days, Victoria intends to register with the German authorities while she keeps on helping other Ukrainians. They are lucky to have this determined, intelligent and kind young lady.

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