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Germany: New BMW Flagship to be Available as Electric, Diesel and Hybrid Version

BMW’s new 7-Series vehicles have an aggressive look. “Get out of my way before I run you over” is what they seem to be saying. The Bavarian auto maker does not want to rely on electric propulsion only.

Berlin, April 21st, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — When you race along the German Autobahn and the vehicle on the photo above appears in your rear view mirror, you better vacate the fast lane. The new BMW 7-Series will outperform you in any way possible. And even if it did not, you would want to let it pass because that way you could get a glimpse if its sexy rear.

Narrow Slots

The design BMW has come up with is nothing less than sensational. Obviously, the 7’s headlights were fitted into narrow slots that give it an aura of self-confidence. Of course, the Bavarians had every reason to make the new 7-Series look this way. This is definitely not a bluff package, but the look is consistent with the power and range the new flagship offers.

“The 7” has a sexy rear. Photo: BMW Group

As opposed to its rival Mercedes, BMW refrained from developing separate platforms for its electric and non-electric or partially electric flagship versions. Instead, the engineers and designers in Munich created one that fits both electric motors and massive Diesel engines for customers who either do not believe in the propulsion of the future, or who keep on travelling to areas that do not provide that many loading stations. The outcome is a massive vehicle. You could probably fit an average-sized townhouse in its trunk and still play tennis next to it.

Golden Chains

In Germany, the electric version of the new 7-Series, the i7 xDrive 60, is supposed to be available from November of 2022. Its performance of 544 HP is sufficient to move the giant car forward appropriately. With its maximum range of 590 to 625 kilometers (367 to 388 miles), the i/ xDrive 60 will not have to hide behind Teslas or anywhere.

Starting at some point next year, a Diesel version and two hybrid variants will be offered. For hotshots who wear golden chains, keep the upper five buttons of their shirts open at all times and need a vehicle to transport their Pitbulls, BMW also intends to come up with an i7 M70 that will be so powerful that it burns rubber even while it is parked in the garage. The price tags on the i7 should be as impressive as the vehicles themselves. Even the most affordable one will likely be above 100,000 Euro (109,150 U.S. Dollars or 83,501 Pounds Sterling).

Bad Headaches

BMW has been offering its 7-Series since 1977. When they came up with it, they caused pretty bad headaches in Stuttgart, where Mercedes thought nobody would ever come close to its S-Class. The first three 7-Series generations were the prettiest cars ever built. Then, they started looking like several cars in one. But now, BMW is back with a revolutionary design, dominated by a giant radiator grill the electric version will not even need.

The i7’s design is more than convincing. Photo: BMW Group

Until now, “the 7” was offered as a regular, short version and a long version. The short one was just dumped. So was the laser light option. According to BMW, the LED lights “the new 7” offers are good enough by now. The BMW i7 xDrive 60’s direct competitor from Stuttgart, the Mercedes EQS, has an ever bigger range. But BMW’s design is far more futuristic. This includes the interior with a 31-inch theater entertainment screen in the back.

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