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The Top 10 Ways Germany’s 9 Euro Ticket Can Give You a Pretty Bad Headache

Millions of Germans, expatriates, immigrants, tourists and other contemporaries are buying 9 Euro Tickets these days. Will many of them regret their purchase soon? Probably. This is why.

Sofia, Bulgaria, May 21st, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — Most of us love to travel on train tracks, especially when the price is right. This applies until we become aware of the fact that there is a list of “The Top 10 Ways Germany’s 9 Euro Ticket Can Give You a Pretty Bad Headache”. Here they are:


When you want to use the ticket for a nice little daytrip to Brandenburg, but have to share the train with 3.8 million other Berliners who had the same genius idea at the same glorious moment.


When other 9 Euro Ticket passengers make you feel old by offering you their seats, even though this means they will have to stand for two hours, on a regional train that is overcrowded, thanks to the 9 Euro Ticket.

ICE bullet trains are wonderful, but the 9 Euro Ticket is not valid on them. Photo: Imanuel Marcus


When you are sick and tired of overcrowded trains after one day of traveling and vow never to use one again, even if they introduce a 20 Cent Ticket.


When you end up in Freiburg on a Sunday evening because you love making use of your 9 Euro Ticket so much, but suddenly remember you have to be at the office in Berlin the next morning.


When the crowds on those regional trains annoy you so much that you decide to purchase a First Class ICE bullet train ticket from Berlin to Munich for 117.90 Euro, thirteen times the price of the 9 Euro Ticket.


When the sparkling water and that tiny bag of potato chips you purchase at the station cost more than the damned ticket you are using.

Traveling for an entire month for the price of a hamburger with French fries is now possible. Photo: Imanuel Marcus


When you have to wait in line in front of the onboard toilet for 14 hours, thanks to thousands of other 9 Euro Ticket holders who are on the same train.


When some of the countless other passengers around you blow their Corona aerosols into your face while they tell you about the rather dull travel experience they acquired with their 9 Euro Tickets.


When your friends ask you how much the 9 Euro Ticket is.


When you arrive at Hanover Central Station for the 32nd time on one single day, and for the 257th time in a week.

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