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Germany’s 9 Euro Ticket: Questions and Answers

The 9 Euro Ticket is an excellent opportunity to get stuck in overcrowded trains for hours and share aerosols with thousands of strangers. At the same time, it is an inexpensive way to explore all of Germany for the price of a regular day ticket for one city. How does it work?

Berlin, May 27th, 2022. Update: May 28th, 2022, 06:01 a.m. CEDT (The Berlin Spectator) — The 9 Euro Ticket is supposed to reimburse Germans and residents of other nationalities for the extremely high energy prices. For three months, in June, July and August of 2022, people can use Deutsche Bahn’s regional trains and public transport in Germany’s cities and regions for 9 Euro (9.68 US. Dollars or 7.56 Pounds Sterling). For each of the three months mentioned, a new 9 Euro Ticket needs to be purchased.

Even those who use the 9 Euro Ticket as a monthly ticket in their city only will save a lot. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Where do I get my 9 Euro Ticket?

You can purchase it at your local public transport provider. In Berlin, the BVG sells 9 Euro Tickets at its ticket counters, through its ticket vending machines and apps. In addition, there are agencies, including tobacco shops and convenient stores that carry the BVG logo on their doors. You can buy your 9 Euro Ticket here too.

Or you can buy it from Deutsche Bahn, at their counters, at their ticket machines or via apps.

What else do I have to do?

Write your name on the ticket and always bring your ID with you. The 9 Euro Ticket is not transferable and it is not valid before it has your name written on it.

There are lots of nice places to discover in Germany. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Does my newborn need 9 Euro Tickets?

No. Kids from 6 need their own 9 Euro Ticket. Younger children travel for free.

How does the 9 Euro Ticket compare to regular tickets?

There is no cheaper way of traveling in Germany. Even if you just use your 9 Euro Ticket as a monthly ticket on public transport in your city, you will save a lot of money. The usual price for monthly tickets is 70 to 120 Euro (75 to 129 Dollars or 59.50 to 102 Pounds). Day tickets normally cost 7 to 10 Euro (7.50 to 10.75 Dollars or 5.95 to 8.50 Pounds), which is more or less what you are paying for an entire month of traveling when you purchase the 9 Euro Ticket.

What kind of transport can I use with my 9 Euro Ticket?

Its holders may use Deutsche Bahn’s regional trains, including the ‘Regionalbahn’ (RB), the ‘Regionalexpress’ (RE) and the ‘Interregioexpress’ (IRE). In addition, public transport in cities, towns and regions all over Germany is included. Trams, buses, ‘U-Bahn’ or ‘S-Bahn’ trains and even ferries that are part of the network can be used.

ICE bullet trains are not included. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Do I have to be careful?

Yes. Private transport providers such as FlixTrain or FlixBus are not covered. For Deutsche Bahn’s ICE, IC and EC trains, regular tickets are required. Persons who use the wrong train or bus with a 9 Euro Ticket might be fined.

What if I accidentally leave my 9 Euro Ticket at home and they catch me?

At least in Berlin, the fine for fare dodgers is reduced in this case. If you are being caught without ticket, they will give you a receipt with the address of a counter you are supposed to pay the fine at. If you bring your 9 Euro Ticket, with your name on it, and if it was purchased before you were caught, the fine is 7 Euro (7.50 Dollars or 5.95 Pounds) instead of the usual 60 Euro (64.50 Dollars or 51 Pounds).

Cologne is a great travel destination too. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

How can I take long-distance trips with my 9 Euro Ticket?

Just make sure you board Deutsche Bahn’s regional trains only. When you combine several of them, you can go anywhere in the federal republic. It just takes a lot longer than on bullet trains.

This is how to piece together a long trip on regional trains:

  • Go to
  • Where it says “Timetable & Booking“, type in the origin of your trip and your destination.
  • IMPORTANT: Check the box which says “Local transport only“.
  • Click “Search“.
  • Check your options by clicking on the “Further information” link.
  • Click the ‘Show Details’ tab to double-check whether the 9 Euro Ticket is valid on the trains you intend to take.

Everyone buys 9 Euro Tickets. Don’t they have any disadvantages?

They actually do. Especially on popular routes around big cities as well as to tourist destinations, including the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts, trains will most likely be crammed. Even though Deutsche Bahn announced it would put more trains on its tracks there will most likely be ‘stampedes’ at stations and on trains. In some cases, the Federal Police might have to step in.

What is the right song to listen to on the train?

Try “Long Train Running”, “Riding on a Train”, “Midnight Train to Georgia” or “Ticket to Ride”.

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