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German Government to Fight Corona with Seven-Point Plan

Because the number of Corona infections is expected to increase again in fall, Germany’s Health Minister Karl Lauterbach wants to be prepared. He introduced a plan and said there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Berlin, June 18th, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — A Coronavirus summer wave just increased the number of new infections in Germany. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach expects the numbers to rise again in fall. This time, he wants the country to be prepared. “When we go into the fall, we want to be prepared better than we were last time”, he said. His new seven-point plan is supposed to help.

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Vaccine and Medication

First of all, the vaccine available would be adjusted to the situation, the Minister announced. By this, Lauterbach probably meant there will be a vaccine against the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus if needed, or immunizations against other mutations that might develop. According to him, there will not be another attempt to make Corona vaccinations mandatory.

Free Corona tests are supposed to be available in the future as well, but probably not for everyone. At this stage, the government is discussing which population groups will be eligible for getting tested free of charge. Medication against COVID-19 is part of Lauterbach’s plan too. Infected persons are supposed to receive it sooner than they did in the past.

Schools and Kindergartens

The seven-point plan also includes more care and protection for vulnerable groups. All care facilities are supposed to appoint a person responsible for their hygiene concept. Establishments of this kind will be monitored because the authorities need to know whether the residents were vaccinated. Starting in September, an existing reporting system called DEMIS is supposed to show how many intensive care beds are occupied by Corona patients.

Minister Lauterbach wants to avoid the closure of schools and kindergartens by applying rules for vaccinations, Corona tests and hygiene concepts. On top of it all, Professor Lauterbach stated he was working on a new version of Germany’s Infection Protection Act. For this purpose, he was communicating with Justice Minister Marco Buschmann.

Fourth Shot

Karl Lauterbach also called on people to wear masks voluntarily once they went indoors. Especially elderly people and persons with pre-existing conditions could improve their protection by getting a fourth vaccination shot, he said. The same applied to individuals who were with other people a lot.

In regard to the ongoing Corona summer wave, the Minister said it should be taken seriously, but there was no reason for alarmism or panic. Among those infected by the Omicron variant, the disease progression was more harmless, in most cases. Besides, many Germans were vaccinated. Those who had gone through Omicron infections already were protected against the subtype BA.5 quite well. The same subtype is causing the Corona summer wave right now.

Latest Numbers

There was light at the end of the tunnel, Lauterbach said in Berlin. Within the next six months, there would be vaccine that would basically prevent Corona infections.

Today, the Robert Koch Institute reported more than 80,000 new Coronavirus infections in Germany. The Seven Day Incidence is 445.1. Only eleven days ago, it was below 200.

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