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Berlin: The Top 10 Message Stickers Found on Lamp Posts

Good message stickers can enlighten us with philosophic statements, the advice we have been waiting for or other good content. Our reporter found lots of them in Berlin.

Berlin, June 30th, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — Most of us are looking for answers to the big questions of life all day long. Some try to find them by watching TV or reading old-fashioned things known as “books”. Our reporter found the answers he was looking for on stickers. Apparently, Berlin’s lamp posts are full of them.


Is it really o.k.? It better be.

Here, those cops had just stopped a cyclist. Other than that, the situation was o.k.. Not more than that, not less either, but o.k..


There is nothing better than intelligent sticker messages.

Sure. Whatever. Be my guest.


This is an example for modern literature on a Berlin lamp post.

We should thank the author for the valuable advice he or she is giving people here. There is so much kindness in Berlin.


¡Pues, claro que sí, paisanos! ¿Es lo que dice, no? Entonces todo está muy bien. Créanme.

Guys, everything is “muy bien” indeed. Except for multiple crises we are going through.


Nice braces!

Could anyone explain this to us, please?


Roy_Draws’ knows how to phrase things properly.

In this case, we tend to agree with the author and illustrator.


This is something worth considering, unless they just consumed onion soup.

Here, they should have phrased a polite question instead of using the imperative, right?


The sticker itself is f-ed up. That is why it got such a high ranking.

In part, maybe. But let’s not generalize.


Wasn’t this going to be about stickers?

Because he looked at this thing too long, our reporter got hypnotized. It was hard to get away from those eyes.


Found on a wall around the corner from Berlin’s Hackesche Höfe.

This is a great example for a high quality sticker with a convincing message in shiny letters. Congrats.

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