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Germany: Two out of Three Coronavirus Infections Attributed to New Omicron Subvariant

The Federal Republic of Germany is registering many new Corona infections. Since yesterday, more than 113,000 cases had to be added to the statistics. The variant BA.5 is to blame.

Berlin, July 1st, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — Germany’s Corona situation is worse than it looks on the streets of Berlin and all other cities. People hardly wear masks because they do not have to. In Berlin’s public transport, where masks are mandatory, too many passengers ignore the rules while the infection numbers are on the rise yet again.

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More Hospitalizations

In the past 24 hours, 113,099 Germans and residents of other nationalities got infected with Corona. The Seven Day Incidence increased substantially yet again. It just reached 682.7. Last week, it increased by 38 percent compared to the week before, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The rise affects all age groups, but mainly children and the elderly.

Because the number of patients with severe disease progressions was rising as well, the there were more hospitalizations too, the RKI said in its latest Corona report. The institute is expecting the number of Corona-related deaths to increase as well. All of this is bad news in several ways. Experts expect another Corona wave in the upcoming cold season. The ongoing summer wave could make it worse, meaning the next wave might start at a high level of new infections per day.

Dominant Variant

BA.5 is to blame. This very contagious Omicron subtype has spread further. In its new Corona report, the RKI says it had reached a share of 66 percent of all infections two weeks ago, meaning it is the dominant Coronavirus variant. By now, its share is probably even bigger. In 99 percent of all Corona infections in Germany, Omicron subtypes are involved.

Fully vaccinated individuals should be protected against severe disease progression, the RKI says. What this means is that immunizations do not prevent BA.5 infections. The institute recommends the use of masks, especially in crowds. Also, distance should be kept, people should wash their hands on a regular basis, and persons who have not gotten vaccinated yet should get their shots now. The RKI’s recommendations include a ventilation of rooms as well.

28 Million Infections

It has been 884 days since the very first Coronavirus infection was confirmed in Germany. More than 28 million people in the Federal Republic are (or have been) infected, 141,189 Corona patients have died. At this stage, no end is in sight.

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