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Berlin: Christmas Markets in Preparation

In spite of all crises, Berlin is hoping for a nice pre-Christmas period. One of the city’s most beautiful Christmas markets will be back after a two-year break. There will be pre-Christmas markets, regular Christmas markets, unconventional ones and even Christmas funfairs.

Berlin, October 6th, 2022. Update: October 16th, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — In 2020, Germany’s Christmas markets were shut down because of the Coronavirus. Last year, restrictions applied. All of this is supposed to be a thing of the past this year. Berlin has countless Christmas markets, including a few very special ones. All of them are already being prepared.

Smell and Taste

Regular Christmas markets are allowed to open on November 21st, 2022, but for those of us who can’t wait that long, there will be pre-Christmas markets from November 4th. They are not allowed to call themselves Christmas markets, even though they are similar. They look like Christmas markets, they smell like Christmas markets, they taste and sound like Christmas markets. And they offer the same products and treats.

Glacéed apples are among the treats Christmas markets usually offer. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

One of those is known as ‘Winterwelt’ until November 21st, when it becomes an official Christmas market. It takes place at Potsdamer Platz, one of Berlin’s major squares in the Mitte district. This one may not be the most beautiful market, but it has things to offer. It usually has a giant slide for kids and big wooden huts people can eat and get drunk in. Glühwein, the famous hot wine punch Germans cannot get enough of, is available outside as well. Nobody will starve at ‘Winterwelt’.

Stunning View

‘Berliner Winterzauber’ used to take place next to the Alexa mall in the Mitte district. Because a skyscraper is being built at the location, this market was moved to Frankfurter Allee in the Lichtenberg neighborhood. It is a mix between a funfair and a Christmas market, and a great event for Berliners or tourists who will not be satisfied with quietude and a few roasted almonds, but insist on action. Carousels of all kinds and other fairground rides will be waiting here from November 4th, 2022. Further north, at Landsberger Allee, close to Ikea, another Christmas funfair is supposed to take place. in this case, the dates have not been communicated yet.

From November 21st, 2022, there will be Christmas markets all over the city. While some of them, including the one at Alexanderplatz, are not too sensational or beautiful, others are. At Red City Hall, one of Berlin’s most spectacular Christmas markets will take place. It always offers a nice track for ice skaters and appropriate music. Or how about the giant wheel? Those of us who are courageous enough to board it will have a stunning view from above. The wheel is 50 meters (164 feet) high.

Plenty of Beauty

One of the most beautiful Christmas markets in northeastern Germany is the one at Charlottenburg Palace which has not taken place since 2019. It will be back this year, from November 21st. Its lights are spectacular. So is the surrounding. A sightseeing platform on one of the wooden stalls they usually set up gives visitors a very nice view. In spite of the ongoing energy crisis, Berlin’s Christmas markets will have countless little lights, especially this one.

The Christmas market at Red City Hall always includes this giant wheel. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

More beauty? Sure, there is plenty of it. The Christmas market at Gendarmenmarkt square is too beautiful to be real. Here, the food and the presents they sell are more expensive, and tickets need to be purchased, but it is worth it. Because of construction work, this one is supposed to take place at Bebelplatz instead this year and next. At Breitscheidplatz, yet another nice Christmas market will be taking place. It is probably the most famous one in Berlin. While most markets close on December 26th, Germany’s second Christmas Day, this one is supposed to be up and running until January 8th, 2023.

Christmas Avenue

The total number of Christmas markets in Berlin will be 29 this year. A few of them will open on Advent weekends only. Berlin would not be Berlin if it did not offer a few unconventional markets too. They include Christmas Avenue, an ‘LGBTQI Christmas market’ at Nollendorfplatz which opens on November 21st as well. It is more shiny and elegant. Besides, it offers more energetic music than most other markets. On top of it all, there is something called ‘Holy Sh*t Shopping’ on December 3rd and 4th at Arena Berlin. Here, artists offer “creative presents” they make themselves. Obviously, this market is for less religious visitors with a certain sense of humor.

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