Berlin’s Long Night of Museums: Main Event in Cultural Overkill

Berlin’s cultural overkill is an important part of what makes this city so fascinating. One of the German capital’s major cultural events is coming up on the last day of this month: the Long Night of Museums. Tens of thousands of Berliners and tourists will participate.

A total of 75 Berlin museums are taking part this year. Many of them will offer special events during that night, and visitors can check out all of them with one single ticket. The Long Night of Museums will take place on August 31st, 2019 from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. the next morning.

Unforgettable Experience

Visiting museums in the middle of the night? Isn’t that crazy? Yes, definitely. That is what makes the whole thing even more interesting than it is anyway. The event combines culture and a big party.

Whether it is art, cultural history or engineering, the participating museums cover it all. Guides will offer entertaining tours. There will be readings conducted by actors and discussions with contemporary witnesses.

On top of it all, concerts of all kinds, shows performed by artists and workshops will be offered all over the place. The organizers are promising an “unforgettable experience”.

Famous Brand

The 2019 edition of Berlin’s Long Night of Museums will feature at least one new partner, namely the PalaisPopulaire, located at ‘Unter den Linden’ 5, which is coming up with something special: It will celebrate the 1967 ‘Summer of Love’ with fascinating pictures and music, out on the streets.

In the heart of Berlin, on Museum Island (‘Museumsinsel’), many special exhibitions and performances are scheduled to take place during this exciting event. In short: Hell will break loose everywhere, meaning a whole lot will be going on. One thing is certain: The organizers will not forget to offer drinks and snacks either.

The Long Night of Museums is a famous brand by now, and it was invented right here in Berlin. The first edition took place in 1997, with 6000 visitors. Until 2012, it even happened twice a year, in winter and in summer, with tens of thousands of participants.

‘Stolen’ Idea

By now, as many as 120 cities, in Europe and overseas, have “stolen” this good idea. They include Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Paris and cities in Germany. Adapted ideas are usually the best ideas.

On August 31st, during the big night, the city’s museums will be connected by shuttle buses. The single ticket every visitor needs is available on the event’s website (see link below).

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The English version of the Long Night of Museums’ official website can be reached here.

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