Berlin: Public Transport Fares to Increase in 2020

The new year brings new fares for Berlin’s public transport. Day tickets will see the largest price hike.

For the first time in three years, the VBB, a group of transport providers which includes BVG and Deutsche Bahn as the operator of the Berlin ‘S-Bahn’ train system, is increasing fares. In 2020, especially tourists and other visitors will have to pay more for public transport tickets in Berlin because the prices for those they tend to use will increase more than others.

The ‘U-Bahn’ is a popular means of transport in Berlin. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Fares Still Moderate

At the same time, public transport prices in Berlin will remain moderate, compared to other cities in Germany, also considering the fact that Berlin is a lot bigger than any other city in the country. Actually, Berlin has more than twice as many inhabitants as Hamburg, the second-largest city. Of course the public transport system is a lot bigger as well.

So far, a regular single public transport ticket in Berlin was 2.80 Euro. This fare will increase by only 10 Euro Cent to 2.90 Euro (3.21 U.S. Dollars or 2.44 Pounds Sterling). For passengers who intend to leave the zones ‘A’ and ‘B’ and enter ‘C’, for instance because they want to go to Schönefeld Airport, or the new BER Airport once it finally opens on October 31st, 2020, will need to pay 3.60 Euro (3.98 Dollars or 3.03 Pounds), 20 Cent more. There are lower fares for children of up to 14 years of age and for dogs.

Day and Group Tickets More Expensive

Day tickets, which tourists and business travelers often use, will be far more expensive from January 1st. So far, a regular day ticket for the area inside the so-called ‘S-Bahn-Ring’ was 7 Euro. Starting in 2020, it will be 8.60 Euro (9.51 Dollars or 7.24 Pounds). Day tickets with all zones included, ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’, will be 9.60 Euro (10.62 Dollars or 8.08 Pounds).

Prices for ‘group day tickets’ will also rise substantially, from 19.90 today to 23.50 Euro (26 Dollars or 19.78 Pounds) in 2020. ‘Group day tickets’ which include zone ‘C’ as well will be 24.90 (27.54 or 20.96 Pounds) instead of 20.80 Euro, which is the price right now.

‘U-Bahn’ trains are rarely this empty. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Small Fare Increase for Monthly and Annual Tickets

Monthly tickets for all three zones are 100.50 Euro today. The 2020 price will be 104 Euro (115.01 Dollars or 87.53 Pounds). It was unclear by how much the price for two-zone monthly tickets will increase. Yearly tickets, which are available for 992 Euro today, will be 1008 Euro (1114.72 Dollars or 848.34 Pounds).

All tickets mentioned are valid for Berlin’s buses, trams, ‘U-Bahn’ and ‘S-Bahn’ trains as well as the BVG’s ferries. On top of the tickets mentioned, there are short trip tickets valid for trips of up to three stations on any trains, or up to 6 stations on buses and trams, and more kinds of monthly tickets.