Brandenburg: Elon Musk’s Spontaneous Appointments at ‘Tesla Strasse’

One of the few aircraft that landed at Brandenburg’s new BER Airport on Thursday carried Elon Musk. What is certain is that the business magnate did not come to Germany yet again to eat Teriyaki chicken in a bowl.

Berlin, November 6th, 2019 (The Berlin Spectator) — A week ago, a majority of Elon Musk’s tweets dealt with ‘Jack in the Box’, a fast food place in the United States. The Tesla boss announced he might purchase a ‘Jack in the Box’ footstool. A great idea. And he admitted he had “eaten at ‘Jack in the Box’ many times over the years, including the ‘Teriyaki Bowl’.”

Things to Learn

Then, on Thursday, the subject Musk twittered about suddenly changed. The minute his private jet landed at BER Airport, Brandenburg’s new pride, he posted a 16-word message that said Tesla was recruiting “ace engineers for Giga Berlin”. He asked people for resumes and announced interviews at the ‘Giga Factory’ construction site that are supposed to take place as early as today.

A lot of progress is being made at the German ‘Giga Factory’. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Here is a man who does not waste time. That’s for sure. Next time, he will probably ask new applicants to come to the Freienbrink industrial park before they even know they applied. There are many things Germans can learn from Elon Musk. They should definitely study his lunch preferences and his time management.

Progress and Permissions

On Thursday evening, Musk was supposed to meet Brandenburg’s Commerce Minister Jörg Steinbach. Discussing things with First Minister Dietmar Woidke was not an option since he is infected with Corona. The subjects on the agenda are easy to guess. This is most likely about the progress at the construction site, the permissions Tesla still needs and the infrastructure needed around the future factory.

There is no Teriyaki here, but the main entrance is très chic. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

In Freienbrink, at the construction site, it is hard not to get hit by a truck. This mainly applies to individuals like the author of these lines who walk around like idiots to get some good shots of the construction progress. On Thursday afternoon, eight to ten reporters were out there. One of them was supposed to wait on site until Musk leaves the premises in his Model X and capture the moment on tape. Another colleague reported from the scene for RBB radio. But hardly anything happened for many hours.

Office Container Castle

By now, at least three big factory halls seem to be standing. It is hard to see everything from the road because some kind of a castle consisting of office containers was built, for the construction workers and planners. If they keep on piling up those containers, they might reach the Moon soon. The number of huge cranes on Tesla’s turf in Freienbrink is impressive as well.

On Thursday, no Model Ys came out of the factory yet. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Well, they better hurry. In about eight to nine months from now, Tesla intends to manufacture what Musk recently called the ‘Berlin Model Y’ right there, in Brandenburg province. Things are definitely developing. By now, neighboring Berlin even has a ‘Tesla Supercharger’.

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