Germany: Müller Demands Stricter Corona Rules for Returning Travelers

Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller wants tighter rules for persons who reenter Germany after spending the summer holidays abroad. According to him, today’s spot checks at the country’s borders do not suffice.

Berlin, June 28th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) — In an interview with ZDF television, Governing Mayor Michael Müller said the rules for vacationers who reentered Germany needed to be tightened. Because of the dangers, the spot-checks the Federal Police was conducting were not good enough. Müller, who also heads Germany’s Conference of First Ministers, said the border guards needed to check everyone to establish whether they had negative Corona test results.

Vaccinations for Adolescents

The Governing Mayor also wants the authorities to check whether people who were in quarantine after returning from ‘Virus Variant Areas’ or ‘Risk Areas’ actually tested negative. “It is nice when people can go on vacation, but we do not want those dangers to be brought back to Germany”, he stated. By dangers, he obviously meant Corona infections. Müller, his colleagues in other federal states and the federal government are worried about the Delta mutation of the Coronavirus. It is already spreading in Germany.

He said he expected health protection would be an important subject in fall as well. And he stressed he hoped Germany’s ‘Permanent Vaccination Commission’ would recommend Corona vaccinations for all adolescents from 12 to 17 years of age. So far, the body has recommended them for individuals from this age group with pre-existing conditions only, because the small amount of data gathered in surveys was not sufficient for a broader recommendation.

Two-Digit Incidence in Hamburg

The Corona numbers the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin reported this morning do look good. Hamburg’s Seven Day Incidence rose a little. With a value of 10.0, the city state may be back to the two-digit range, but it is the only one. All other federal states have one-digit Incidences. Saxony-Anhalt, which used to be one of Germany’s Corona hotspots, now has the lowest Incidence of them all. It stands at 1.9 today. The national Incidence decreased to 5.6.

Lichtenfels in Bavaria has an Incidence level of 46.4. It is the county with the highest Incidence today. In forty out of 412 German counties, the Incidences dropped down to zero. The number of Corona-related deaths has been decreasing substantially as well. Eight of them were reported for the past 24 hours.

Passenger Transport Restricted

In the meantime, the Berlin government is taking action against the Delta mutation. Starting tomorrow, passenger transport from Portugal and Russia to Germany will be restricted because this Corona variant is spreading rapidly in both of those countries. They were added to the list of ‘Virus Variant Areas’. Germans and holders of residence permits for Germany who return from any ‘Virus Variant Area’ need to go into quarantine for 14 days, without exceptions. These quarantines may not be shortened.

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