Berlin: The Cadillac of Christmas Markets

So, you have lost track of all those Christmas markets in Berlin? So have we. But this one, located at Gendarmenmarkt, is one of the nicest in the city.

Berlin, December 5th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) — Sure, there are millions of Christmas markets in Berlin, even though some did not even open because of the Corona restrictions. There is one more market we just had to cover. Could anyone think of a nicer location for a Christmas market than Gendarmenmarkt? Of course, this question is rhetorical. There absolutely is no better place.

This Christmas market looks very different. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

‘Autumnal Plum’

This Christmas market is different in several ways. Here, they do not offer the usual candied apples or the cheap cotton candy. More exclusive tastes are being satisfied at this spot. The merchants are accommodated in little white tents. A Peruvian national set up his little stall opposite to Berlin’s nice ‘Konzerthaus’. He definitely has the best view while he sells hats and scarfs in nice colors. Friedrich Schiller is guarding him. The late German playwright’s statue dominates the Gendarmenmarkt square and this beautiful Christmas market. There is no escaping him.

Did we mention the delicious treats they offer? Photo: Imanuel Marcus

‘Autumnal Plum’, anyone? This tasty cream is only one of many delicious treats found here. They also have turkey burgers, cheese fondue to go, ‘Crispy Duck’ with red cabbage, pizza and pasta of the more delicious kind, ‘Nut Angels’, ‘Chocolate Fruit’ and ‘Baked Apple Punch’ made in a copper cattle. What difference does it make what it was made in?

This ‘Spaetzle’ dish is beyond delicious. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Medieval Worlds

They do not offer the usual, decadent sausage, but ‘Spaetzle’, which is German pasta, with grated cheese, bacon, chives and roasted onions. Is there anything better? No! This stuff is unbeatable, and it looks great on the plate. ‘Zillertal Mountain Cheese’ is available. So is French ‘Gruyère’ cheese. The sales lady gives away free samples of it to passers-by. Then, when they notice how delicious it is, they usually order a piece. Just seconds later, anyone who does will have to digest the price first. Our reporter was supposed to pay 18 Euro for a rather small piece. As a result, he retracted his order.

Friedrich Schiller is observing it all. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

At the next stall, they sell elegant leather gloves. Christmas tree decoration made of glass is being offered in another tent. At yet another stall, a couple has set up tiny medieval worlds made of ceramic. According to the owners, they make and paint their products all year long in order to sell them at Christmas markets. They include little houses of different kinds and all kinds of tiny figures.

At one of the stalls, they sell medieval houses and figures. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Retracted Rules

Do the ‘Roquefort Pear Cake’, the ‘Berry Snow’ and all of those the fancy dishes at those make-shift restaurants all over the place cost money? Definitely. That is why the most important item of them all is the ATM they installed to the left of the stage in front of the ‘Konzerthaus’. If you intend to get started with a proper shopping spree at this Christmas market, you better take out a lot of cash. You will need it. Take our word for it. Just walking around and smelling the excellent food they cook is free though. So is taking pictures of this beautiful Christmas market at this nice location.

Last week, the organizers announced they were going to implement ‘2G Plus’ rules. This would have meant that even vaccinated and cured persons would have needed Corona tests. But this approach was retracted when the tenants complained. Being fully vaccinated (at least two shots) or cured from COVID-19 (between 28 days and six months prior to the visit) is good enough.

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