Scholz in TV Interview: ‘Putin Will Not Succeed’

On ARD television, Olaf Scholz said Russia had failed due to Ukraine’s resistance and that of its allies. He also commented on the natural gas situation in Germany.

Berlin, September 22nd, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — Shortly after Vladimir Putin made his announcement on the mobilization of tens of thousands of reservists, Olaf Scholz was interviewed on ARD television’s ‘Tagesthemen’ news show while he was still in New York City. Here, he had held a speech in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations in which he condemned Russia’s brutal war and imperalism.

Friends and Allies

In the latest interview, the German Chancellor said Putin would not succeed with his plans. The Russian President had failed because of the resistance shown by the Ukrainians, and due to the extensive military and financial support Ukraine had received from friends and allies, including Germany. According to Scholz, the Federal Republic helps Ukraine extensively while preventing an escalation between Russia and NATO.

Again, Scholz stressed it was important Germany, its partners, the G7 and the European Union had chosen a mutual approach. He said there were talks all the time and the “dangerous situation” would be monitored constantly. The Chancellor also stated the “mock referenda” Moscow had announced for the occupied areas in Ukraine would not be recognized. Moscow was trying to appropriate part of a neighboring country to itself. This plan would not be successful.

No Battle Tanks

Again, the Chancellor recejted calls for the delivery of German-made battle tanks to Ukraine. Germany had already sent many weapons there. Those deliveries had been crucial in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. But he insisted there would not be solo action. Germany would stick to this approach, he told the ‘Tagesthemen’, which is one of Germany’s most important late night news broadcasts.

He also commented on the natural gas situation in Germany, by saying he was optimistic. The Federal Republic would get through the winter in spite of the absence of gas deliveries from Russia. His government had taken all necessary steps, including the installation of LNG terminals in the north and the decision to extend the operation time of some coal and nuclear power plants.

Natural Gas Bills

Olaf Scholz defended the nationalization of the natural gas corporation Uniper and plans to act accordingly in similar cases. In regard to the gas levy that is being discussed, he stated Finance Minister Christian Lindner and Commerce Minister Robert Habeck were acting mutually. Germany was working on the issue. Germans should not have to worry about the future while looking at their natural gas bills, Scholz said.