Berlin: The Last Visit to the Christmas Market at Charlottenburg Palace

If there was a Christmas market ranking in Berlin, this one would have to be among the top 5. Charlottenburg Palace is just the right spot. Unfortunately, this nice market is taking place for the last time.

Berlin, November 26th, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) — “What? This market will not be on anymore?” Even employed salespeople at some of the stalls that belong to one of Berlin’s nicest Christmas markets do not know this is the last time it takes place. Charlottenburg Palace, which has a nice park on its premises, will get a visitor center. The construction will take years. Once it is all done, there won’t be room for any Christmas markets anymore.

Observation Deck

So, we should enjoy this one as long as we still can. Over here, the atmosphere is unique, thanks to the palace, but also because there are trees and a lot of room. This is the only Christmas market in Berlin which even has a little observation deck on top of one those wooden huts. From here, visitors can see it all, including who is coming, who is leaving, who is having too much hot wine punch and who is munching more sausages that this person’s diet permits.

This Christmas market even has an observation deck. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

They will see those marching music groups play “Jingle Bells” and other songs, for hours. And they will have the best view of Charlottenburg Palace when they illuminate it and beam video installations onto its walls as soon as the sun goes down. Yes, the little platform is a good spot, but we have to leave it if we want to consume the treats they offer down there.

Dough Balls

There are two stalls that offer Ukrainian food, which includes hearty looking meat, potatoes and some kind of cabbage. It is the Eastern European approach other countries in the region are known for as well, in slightly different variations. By the way: This is probably the only Christmas market in Berlin that has a small exhibition of photos taken in the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. It includes impressive pictures that show the horrific damage in Ukrainian cities.

A kind policewoman, who said there had not been any issues so far, and her colleagues walk around on this market all the time, making sure everything is fine. The cops have a lot to see and smell as well, including the scent of the obligatory ‘Glühwein’ and of those little dough balls they offer with powdered sugar on top. Pulled pork, Raclette cheese and one of the best southern German dishers there is, namely ‘Käsespätzle’, are available here too. More delicious food is listed on the menu of the Austrian restaurant ‘Der Vierte Mann’, which set up a large wooden hut at this Christmas market.

The Christmas market at Charlottenburg Palace is taking place for the last time. Photo: Imanuel Marcus

Chocolate Tools

Yes, the usual sweet treats, including candied apples, are available too, as well as sweets that are meant to be Christmas presents. Those include chocolate tools. Yes, at one of the stalls they offer chocolate saws and chocolate screw drivers. How weird is that? But we insist: This Christmas market is one of the nicest in Berlin. A visit should be on all pre-Christmas activity lists.

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