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Victor Baruch: The Man who Covered the Eichmann Trial

When your birth year is 1921, some people might have issues believing it. Victor Baruch, a 97-year-old author from Sofia, seems more like 67. He says he had recently signed some document at the German Embassy, located just a few blocks away from his apartment block. “The lady there said: ‘I saw your birth date. How do you do it?’ I just said it

Roger Odell: Shakatak’s Rhythm Master for 38 Years

In 1980, a gifted young drummer by the name of Roger Odell did what gifted young drummers usually do. He joined a band, which was "Easier Said Than Done". Little did he know that his band, Shakatak, was going to make him very busy for the next 38 years and beyond. But Roger Odell wouldn't be Roger Odell if he just stared out the window in his