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Germany: Maas Takes New Approach Towards the U.S.

The Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, Heiko Maas, has laid out a new strategy in dealing with "America First", meaning the United States under President Donald J. Trump. He introduced a 5-point approach he wants to take. Since Trump surprisingly won the election against Hillary Clinton of the U.S. Democrats in November of

Germany: Camping Trailers and Campers Galore

Snails take their houses along on all trips. We copied that intelligent concept. All we need is some pocket change, in order to be able to afford a nice camping trailer (British English: caravan) or a camper. Camping trailers are homes on two to four wheels pulled by a regular vehicle with a coupling device, while campers are homes on wheels

Germany: Growing Issues in Education System

The quality of education in almost all German provinces is worsening. Compared to last year, the so-called Education Monitor 2018, an extensive study, registered regresses all over the country. Especially the quality of schools themselves has been suffering, according to the 'Initiative Social Market Economy' (Initiative Neue Soziale
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