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Germany: Present and Future of Commercial Vehicles

What do we expect from buses? Do we want to be taken from A to B to C and back to A? Sure. Do we want the noise of its engine contribute to the noise level in cities? Of course not. Do we want to inhale its Diesel clouds while walking the streets or riding a bicycle? Hell no. Regarding buses, the future has actually already arrived. Electric

Germany: Camping Trailers and Campers Galore

Snails take their houses along on all trips. We copied that intelligent concept. All we need is some pocket change, in order to be able to afford a nice camping trailer (British English: caravan) or a camper. Camping trailers are homes on two to four wheels pulled by a regular vehicle with a coupling device, while campers are homes on wheels

‘Deutsche Bahn’: Big Issues With Punctuality

Every single year, Deutsche Bahn (DB), the German railway giant, seems to be experiencing problems. In 2017, when a previous heatwave struck the country, the air conditioning in many fast ICE (Inter City Express) trains gave up. There were stories about hundreds of passengers who were stuck in overheating rail carriages, like chickens in a grill.