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Germany: Helpless in the Brown Flood

The world is asking itself what is going on in Germany. Germany itself is asking itself the same thing. Photos of Nazis giving the Hitler salute appeared all over the place, along with reports about a radical mob hunting down people it identified as foreigners. In Chemnitz, the latest events are worrisome indeed. A young man gets stabbed and

Germany: Maas Takes New Approach Towards the U.S.

The Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, Heiko Maas, has laid out a new strategy in dealing with "America First", meaning the United States under President Donald J. Trump. He introduced a 5-point approach he wants to take. Since Trump surprisingly won the election against Hillary Clinton of the U.S. Democrats in November of

Germany: Internet Connections Still Lame

Germany, a country known for its strong economy and its advanced technology, still has internet connection speeds which can almost be described as hopelessly low. Mobile data connections Germans and expatriates living in Germany have to put up with are simply embarrassing. What fixed broadband connections are concerned, countries like Lithuania or
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