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Vivi Vassileva: The Bulgarian Music Genius in Berlin

Among musicians, talent is often genetic. This might also apply to genius, like in the case of Vivi Vassileva. The Bulgarian, who lives in Berlin, is only 23 years old and plays several instruments like a goddess. But this is only part of what this bundle of energy does. She is also a composer and arranger, and she has her own group. Vivi

Gabriele Levy: The Roman Hebrew Letters Artist

In the former Jewish Ghetto of Rome, countless kosher “milky” and “meaty” restaurants attract customers. Less than half of them are Jewish, the bigger half is made up of mostly foreign tourists. One of the tiny shops in the Ghetto, located around the impressive synagogue, close to the bank of the Tiber, is the oldest Jewish bakery in town. For

Roger Odell: Shakatak’s Rhythm Master for 38 Years

In 1980, a gifted young drummer by the name of Roger Odell did what gifted young drummers usually do. He joined a band, which was "Easier Said Than Done". Little did he know that his band, Shakatak, was going to make him very busy for the next 38 years and beyond. But Roger Odell wouldn't be Roger Odell if he just stared out the window in his