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Germany: Several Injured at Protests in Chemnitz

Several people were injured during two protests in Chemnitz on Monday evening. Some 2000 residents took part in a demonstration organized by the radical right-wing movement 'Pro Chemnitz', about 1000 joined a counter-protest. As usual, the right wingers spread their xenophobic propaganda, while the counter-protesters pleaded for an open, Nazi-free

Sinemorets: Stunning Views and Fridge-Sized Insects

Driving down the national highway no. 99 from Bulgaria’s port city of Burgas towards the south feels good to anyone living in Sofia. It means the boring part of the trip on Trakia Freeway is over and the beaches are already in sight. Then, after a while it appears out of nowhere. Anyone who sees it on the right will ask the same question: “What

‘Deutsche Bahn’: Big Issues With Punctuality

Every single year, Deutsche Bahn (DB), the German railway giant, seems to be experiencing problems. In 2017, when a previous heatwave struck the country, the air conditioning in many fast ICE (Inter City Express) trains gave up. There were stories about hundreds of passengers who were stuck in overheating rail carriages, like chickens in a grill.
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