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Sinemorets: Stunning Views and Fridge-Sized Insects

Driving down the national highway no. 99 from Bulgaria’s port city of Burgas towards the south feels good to anyone living in Sofia. It means the boring part of the trip on Trakia Freeway is over and the beaches are already in sight. Then, after a while it appears out of nowhere. Anyone who sees it on the right will ask the same question: “What

Andrew Sowray: The Briton Who Makes Expatriates Happy

Expatriates who have been living in Sofia for a long time notice many changes. They remember a time, fifteen years ago, when there was one Austrian Billa supermarket, which was the main source for imported food in the entire Bulgarian capital. Both Bulgarians and expatriates had two choices: If they wanted Kellogg's products, Nutella or butter

Bulgaria: Welcome to the European Union

Those affected by the Bulgarian capital's destructive frenzy now fear the authorities might take away their children, by saying they did not live in an appropriate environment. Yes, the social authorities could do so, because the city they are employed by felt the urge to destroy an entire neighborhood.